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The 7 Best Pocket Watches of 2021


Best Pocket Watches

The 7 best pocket watches of 2021 A timeless fashion accessory, the watch is suitable for both men and women. It adapts to various occasions, makes it possible to accessorize its outfit and modernize its style. However, it was at the end of the 19th century that the pocket watch established itself as an essential accessory for station masters. In carrying out their duties, they needed to keep an eye on the time in order to do their jobs as they should. Over the decades, the traditional watch has evolved, both in terms of design and functionality. There are many brands that are making a name for themselves in this busy industry. As time goes on and men's daily lives become more and more busy, keeping an eye on the weather and the clock has become necessary. But what type of watch should you choose according to your needs? What are the criteria to take into account? After a test of the different models, here we offer you a comparison of the best pocket watches on the market at the moment.


Pocket watch list of top 2021 products


What is a pocket watch?

Traditionally, a watch is used to tell the time to the nearest second. As the name suggests, a pocket watch normally fits in a pocket. There are models equipped with a chain, which hangs on the neck or on a belt . Usually, she doesn't have a bracelet. It is therefore not worn on the wrist like the modern versions. Even today, they have many followers.


Advantage and field of application

Originally, pocket watches were used by station masters who could not rely on the clock to perform their duties. In order for trains to be regular and on time, the small pocket clock was very useful.

Over time, the pocket watch has evolved a lot and has better additional functions. Several models are chronographs and can be used in the world of sport or catering.


What are the different types of pocket watches?

To date, there are different types of pocket watches on the market. In our comparison, we can classify them into five main categories.


Open space models

The Open space models are distinguished by their absence of cover. They can include several functions such as the stopwatch. Readability is very easy on this type of model.


Half-hunter models

Half-hunter pocket watches are protected by a cover with a hole. The window is protected, but it remains practical to tell the time by opening it.


Full hunter models

The full hunter watch is distinguished by its opaque cover. This one often sports decorations or engravings on the outside which embellish its design.


Double hunter models

Double hunter is a model that stands out from the others by the presence of covers on either side of the dial. It was made in this way to allow the user to read the time and admire the mechanism of the watch.


The double half-hunter models

There is yet another type of watch called a double half-hunter. It has a half-cover with a hole, handy for telling the time.


Example of product evaluation

Selected for their elegant design and remarkable finishes, the watches in this review are among the best of the moment.


Mudder 4331783156

Sober and elegant, Mudder 4331783156 deserves its place in our selection of the best pocket watch models. It displays impeccable finishes, and an ultra nice design. By its construction, this classic pocket watch perfectly combines originality and aesthetics. Its a clear hole in the middle of the dial makes it easy to see the movement of the hands. The vintage- looking design is ensured by the engravings on the front and back of the watch, as well as exquisite patterns.

With the 4.6cm / 1.8 inch case, this watch has a perfect size for easy carrying after testing. By making the comparison with the others, it seduces as well by its robust chain and the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. This sublime pocket watch perfectly mixes black with white details. Easy to use, this watch is supplied with a cleaning cloth, convenient for its maintenance.



  • Sober and elegant design.
  • Very good quality materials.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Supplied with accessories and a box for easy storage of the object.
  • Remarkable finishes.
  • Simple and convenient time setting.
  • Compact and easy to carry a watch.



  • Analogue setting.


ManchDa HBH065EU

ManchDa HBH065EU is an antique design, mechanical pocket watch model that stands out among the best. It was made using very good quality metal, which gives it both strength and resistance. This watch displays animal motifs (dragon and Phoenix), as well as Roman numerals. All of these reminders of the ancient era are greatly appreciated by collectors. The shiny black case goes very well with the golden skeleton, for a guaranteed aesthetic effect.

Elegant and ultra-original, this very good quality watch goes very well with the vintage and classic look. Supplied with a strong and resistant box, this pocket watch keeps well. In addition, its cleaning cloth allows it to be well maintained according to our test. Sport an elegant and understated look with this metal watch with an antique design and exceptional finishes.



  • Unique and original style.
  • Compact and convenient for transport.
  • Correct finishes.
  • Harmonious and sober colors.
  • Good quality of the watch.



  • Manual winding.
  • Stops functioning when in contact with a magnet.

Mudder 4331783142

Pocket watch with a vintage design, Mudder 4331783142 is a quartz model made from stainless steel. Tests show that this material is renowned for its extreme resistance and strength.

It seduces with its clean finishes and pleasant patterns on the lid. To adopt an elegant, sober, chic style, while staying in the era of time, this watch would be perfectly suited.



  • Nice and original design.
  • Very good quality materials.
  • Comes with better accessories.
  • Remarkable finishes.
  • Simple and convenient time setting.
  • Compact and easy to carry a watch.



  • Manual winding.
  • Stops functioning when in contact with a magnet.


Hicarer Hicarer-Pocket Watch -01

Ultra elegant and sober pocket watch, Hicarer Hicarer-Pocket Watch -01 is a model that you will appreciate for its robustness and solidity. It was made from stainless steel, which is a material known for its good resistance.

This vintage gold-colored watch has a hole in the cover, for easy reading of the time. It has a removable chain that can be easily removed.



  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Simple design, for comfortable use.
  • Ultra elegant and chic design.



  • Manual winding.


BestFire PW-SY-144

Crafted from strong and sturdy stainless steel, BestFire PW-SY-144 is a model that exudes charm and elegance.

According to our test, this model adapts perfectly to each of your clothing styles in addition to bringing class and originality. Thanks to its integrated 37.5 cm chain this pocket watch looks great.



  • Easy time setting.
  • Sober and elegant design.
  • Supplied in a box for efficient storage.


  • Heaviness of the watch.

Pros and cons as described in customer (reviews)

In order to help you make the best choice, we have scoured consumer comments to identify their positive and negative opinions. Here are the advantages and disadvantages noted by customers.



  • The time is easily adjusted according to the opinion of consumers.
  • The sober and elegant design of some models appeals to customers.
  • Some models are supplied in a box for efficient storage.
  • Some watches are small in size, making it easy to transport.
  • Simple design for comfortable use.
  • The materials are of very good quality.
  • Some models are supplied with additional accessories.
  • The finishes are remarkable according to the opinion of the users.
  • Customers received their orders as described.
  • Good value for money.


  • Some models are heavy.
  • Manual winding is tiring after testing customers.
  • Some models stop working when in contact with a magnet according to the opinion of some consumers.
  • No mark to open certain models with cover in the right direction.
  • The materials are not strong enough in the opinion of some customers.
  • Some models no longer work after first use.
  • The needle stops occasionally on some models.
  • Some products already come damaged according to the test of some customers.
  • The batteries of some products do not last long.
  • The readability of some watches is poor.

The criteria for buying a pocket watch

When you go to a store to buy a pocket watch, there are tons of models and brands to choose from. Each of them comes with features you might need on a daily basis. But before you dwell on the technical characteristics of the accessory you are looking for, it seems necessary to have a fixed opinion on the real reasons which motivate your choice. There are several criteria you should take into account when making a comparison.


Choose a vintage watch or one in the era of time

Pocket watches are one of the most collectable items. For inveterate investors   and collectors of these accessories, a pocket watch is only of value if the hands have been running for at least 75 years. This is called a vintage watch, even if some schools support the fact that a watch can only be labeled vintage if the model is no longer produced to date. Either way, a used watch that still has all of its parts after testing is more valuable than a model in poor condition. Before buying a vintage watch, it is important to make sure that the parts that constitute it are in good condition.


The operating system

You may not know it, but the choice of a pocket watch is also based on the comparison of the operating system that the latter incorporates. It is therefore important to make sure that the watch you have chosen embeds the system you want. Mechanical or quartz watch , the choice is between these two models. You should know that quartz watches are much more practical for everyday use. The batteries original can last up to two years. In addition, this type of watch generally exists in several models. Mechanical watches are unique in their design and feature a classic design. But their use is much more technical than the previous ones.


The condition of the watch and the quality of the parts

When purchasing a valuable item such as a watch, the condition of the parts is one of the main points to consider in your test. Indeed, it is in the dial that lies most of the value of a watch. However, you must examine the watch in detail, in order to detect scratches, imperfections and other manufacturing defects. Imperfections such as impacts, no matter how small, missing screws or a broken hinge, are easily recoverable defects. But major shocks or missing parts are faults that can be quite expensive to repair.

You need to be very vigilant and spot any flaws in the pocket watch you want to buy. In addition, special attention will allow you to detect that the pinions are indeed metal and not plastic, for better longevity of the object. The bezel must also be in good condition, as well as the parts that make up the watch.


The brand

Making a watch is quite a work of art. Each watchmaker uses a particular technique, which sometimes dates back centuries. Considering the manufacturing technique and the materials used, high-end watches will always be worth more and therefore have more value. Brands such as Rolex, Omega , IWC , Vacherin Constantin and Patek Philippe have taken decades to build a solid reputation. Besides the unchanging beauty of their creations, these watchmakers are known for the quality, robustness, resistance and solidity of their accessories.


Pocket watches alternatives

Very fashionable in the past, the pocket watch is back in fashion. Used to tell the time, it completes all outfits by bringing a maximum of elegance. As an alternative to the pocket watch you can try a wristwatch, functional and ultra practical.

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