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Best Hair Clippers of 2021

Best Hair Clippers of 2021

Best hair clippers of 2021 Men go, on average once or twice a month to have their haircut maintained in a hairdressing salon. Considering the expense involved, you may have considered taking care of it yourself. For this, a good hair clipper is an essential accessory. Take a look at our comparison based on analyzing reviews and tests of the best mowers across different consumer portals to find the model that's right for you.


Hair clipper list of the best products 2021


What is a hair clipper?

It is simply a tool that is used to perform or maintain short haircuts and beards. They are mostly used in men's hair salons, but they are also commercially available for individuals.

Although there are several types, the most popular are electric powered mowers. Although they can be used for the maintenance of certain beards, they differ from beard trimmers by having a more powerful motor and a less thin cutting head in comparison, allowing them to cut large volumes with ease.

If they are particularly effective for short cuts, it is because they are composed of a wide blade that allows the hair to be cut evenly in a single pass over the scalp. To control the size of the cut, they have different combs that you can place on their blade. It is also used to make reliefs and to perform gradients.


How does a hair clipper work?

Although the way mowers work differs from the model and type of model, it is based on the same principles: two superimposed comb-shaped blades, made of stainless steel or ceramic, which are powered by a motor. Electric or by mechanical force, and shoes of different lengths to control the length of the cut.


Advantages & areas of application

Thanks to their mode of operation, hair clippers are very effective for short haircuts and their maintenance, allowing these operations to be carried out with great precision with very few movements.


This is why they are part of the essential accessories in a hairdressing salon.


However, if professional hairdressers remain the ones who use them the most, individuals also buy hair clippers to avoid the monthly visits to the hairdressing salon and the expenses that this entails.


They are also used in military barracks to carry out regulatory cuts to personnel.


What types of hair clippers are there?

Although we all think of a single precise object when talking about a hair clipper, there are actually several types:


Magnetic motor mower

Magnetic motor mowers are distinguished from others by a particularly powerful motor, which can reach 7,200 blade strokes per minute.

Thanks to the use of magnetic energy, they can, moreover, reach this power without consuming a lot of electricity. These mowers also work well in cold conditions and are suitable for maintaining long cuts thanks to their power.

However, these are not the most accurate models. They are widely used in home and semi-professional use, and are suitable for occasional use.


Swivel motor mower

Unlike models with a magnetic motor, mowers with a swivel motor, or pivot motor, do not aim for a very high speed of blade movement. However, they achieve a high cutting power thanks to the mechanism of the blades and the fineness of the latter.

They therefore allow more precise cuts than models with a magnetic motor, although they cannot handle high volumes of hair as easily. They are used by individuals and professionals.


Rotary motor mower

According to the reviews, these models are significantly more expensive, and are the best option for professionals, in their own opinion.

Rotary motors provide a balance between speed, power, durability and stability when cutting, opening up many possibilities for the cuts you can make using them.


Rotary motors are therefore used for the most high-end models of mowers, to offer the best possible quality.


Mechanical hair clipper

Models now rare, they work with the help of manual energy and do not contain an engine. In a sense, these tools are a hybrid between scissors and mowers.

Although they are therefore significantly slower than electric models, walk-behind mowers do not vibrate and make less noise, allowing for more precise cuts in too many difficulties.


Examples of product evaluations

Philips QC5115 / 15 Hair Clipper 3000 Series

The Philips QC5115 / 15 3000 Series has established itself as a benchmark for inexpensive household hair clippers. It is powerful and precise with its 11 length settings, is equipped with self-sharpening blades that stay sharp without maintenance, and is quiet and manoeuvrable.

Consumer reviews praise its lightness and ease of use, eliminating the need for several clogs, as well as the quality of its blade which avoids having to make several passes.

No wonder it occupies the first places of the comparisons! However, the Philips QC5115 / 15 3000 Series still has certain drawbacks such as inferior accessories and vibrations that are too intense for some, as well as operation on mains only. However, according to the general opinion of the testers, it offers good value for money.


Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 Trimmer

The Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 is sold as a trimmer for the maintenance of all your hair, from the hair to the ears and nose to the beard and the rest of the body.

It is based for this on a self-sensing motor, 13 length settings, wear-resistant blades and accessories for each part of the body.

If Internet users welcome in their opinions a pleasant cut, a fast charge, a good grip and good accessories, they denote a lack of spare blades for purchase, the absence of fine adjustment, and the impossibility of operate it while charging. The Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 is still an interesting multi-function trimmer, especially for beginners.


BaByliss for Men - E837E - 10 in 1 Multi-Purpose Trimmer

The BaByliss For Men E837E trimmer is also a multi-function trimmer for the maintenance of all your hair. Its main asset is the Wtech technology of its blades: a W-shaped geometry and sharpening using electrochemistry make them precision blades for a smooth cut.


It also contains various accessories and shaving heads as well as 6 precision positions to achieve all types of cuts. On the test and comparison sites, the BaByliss For Men E837E is described in the opinions of Internet users and in the reviews as being silent, pleasant to use, and enjoying good value for money for the various features it offers


However, it has been noted that several passes must be made to obtain a satisfactory cut and that the mower sometimes pulls on the hairs.

Frequent deficiencies and shortcomings - what should you watch out for when buying a hair clipper?

When looking for a mower to buy, there are some important criteria that you should evaluate in order not to be disappointed with the product. First of all, you must ensure that the engine is powerful enough.

Indeed, it is low power motors that cause the most frequent inconvenience when cutting, namely a trimmer which pulls the hairs instead of cutting them, or which does not manage to overcome thick or very thick hair. .

To avoid uneven cuts, you will also need to learn about the quality of the blades, and the vibrations of the mower caused by the engine.

Some mowers are also inaccurate in the sense that they do not offer enough variation in cut lengths. To avoid this, choose a model with interchangeable combs, different cutting length settings, or even a fine adjustment dial.

In addition, you will also need to inquire about the design of the model and the quality of its handling, because an unwieldy mower will prevent you from making precise cuts. Also remember to find out about the quality of the accessories supplied with your mower, and the autonomy of its battery if it contains one.

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