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Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business

Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business

Understand natural referencing to better understand it and know how to mobilize the necessary resources internally. SEO is one of the world’s where we sometimes hear everything and its opposite. It is therefore not easy to navigate to make good use of this marketing lever, which is increasingly important for companies.


SEO! An inexact science

If we agree that SEO is an inaccurate science, it is because it involves many parameters with algorithms that fluctuate continuously. Take care when an agency or an SEO would ensure you the first position on Google.

Basically! It means nothing. If you want to reach the first page and the first position on your keyword, everything depends on the competition and again, many parameters.

In addition, not every website starts on the same footing. The themes are often very competitive, the domain names can be old or new, the content capital can be more or less important.


We can also mention several other points including:

  • Cleanliness of the code,
  • The server used (hosting),
  • Plugins,
  • Optimization of content (relevance, quality, length, structure, etc.),
  • The care given to the internal and external mesh,
  • The work aimed at acquiring authority through the search for natural backlinks or through netlinking .

We often talk about Google's major algorithms but there are very many around them, and considering them all in your SEO work is no easy task.

SEO work must therefore be carried out in most cases by a real professional SEO. If all the technical part is well managed and optimized upstream, the web editor will take over to produce content optimized for Google.


What does natural referencing mean?

We can translate natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by all the techniques and means made available to a third party, in order to optimize the pages of his website as well as possible.

The main goal of this optimization is to reach the first page and the first Google position on its (strong) keywords but also on the many queries that will be associated with them.

A referencing is in principle a free means unlike paid referencing which uses advertising levers and in particular Search (Google Adwords ads). We can also say that the techniques and means used must be clean, and not relate to so-called black hat techniques. The risks incurred that may directly impact the referencing of the site in the SERPs (Google results pages)



This work can be carried out by web editor profiles if it is a question of optimizing the content distributed on the website and necessarily by an SEO SEO when it comes to putting his hands in the code. SEO also requires the right structure of a site, the right coding of the theme used and many settings and parameters to optimize on the site. Suffice to say that it is not an easy job and any rest when it comes to keeping your favorite channel up to date.

How do we ensure its referencing?

When we talk about ensuring its referencing, we look more towards the content and its optimization. The technical part being managed upstream with nevertheless a follow-up. We therefore ensure our natural referencing by producing regular and quality content. This content must comply with the rules imposed directly or indirectly by search engines and in particular Google.

 Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business

This work is carried out by one or more web copywriters specializing in SEO, and in all cases trained in the use of dedicated tools. Without SEO tools, we would count on its simple ability to write, apart from this is not enough when we search for positioning on Google. Knowing the fundamentals of SEO is the first point and then the main tools such as the solution, SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahrefs etc.

One of the points not to be overlooked is the use of the semantic field and the lexical field of its keywords for its content, which is essential for Google to be able to interpret it properly. Remember, bots are checking your website, not men.

Produce content optimized for your SEO

The content to be produced therefore involves knowing the Google rules and understanding how the algorithms work. A writer must therefore be perfectly familiar with the use and optimization of content created through a content manager.

In most cases we will have to work on WordPress. The ideal is to follow a small checklist so as not to forget anything when writing:


The title of your article. By default an H1 tag which will normally be unique.
The use of Hn tags (H2, H3 ... H6) to mark paragraphs, sub-paragraphs etc ...

Insertion of images and their optimization (fill in the ALT tags and description of the images). They must also be optimized in size (weight of the images in KB)

Produce a good length of content to hope for better positioning (more than 50% of content positioned on the first page and first position is more than 2000 words). The paradox is of course linked to the fact that Internet users prefer short content to consume quickly. Remember to alternate your content.

Fill in the right category for indexing your content. Choose just one and not several. Could you store the same physical document in several folders at the same time?

 Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business

Give your article an SEO title (meta title) , which can be slightly different from your H1 title by using a similar keyword. Titles should mean the same thing but from a different perspective. The SEO title is the one that usually appears on the Google search engine, but not always because it happens that the H1 pull is privileged.

Fill in the Meta description (the Yoast SEO plugin will help you fill in the meta-title and the meta-description). It does not contribute to better SEO but it is supposed to encourage clicks, so it is important in attracting Internet users to your content. This is the click that will guarantee the visit of the Internet user on your site.

Fill in the tags that are used to index your content to better find it via your search bar. It is especially useful for visitors but also to hope for a referencing of your tag on Google. This is not necessarily the goal!

 Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business

Don't forget to embellish your content with images, infographics, videos, podcasts ... you will allow your audience to have a wider choice, to consume your content differently and thus stay on it longer.

Make your internal and external mesh. Create links between your articles, taking care to place them on the correct anchors. Insert external links to reinforce the subject dealt with by favoring sites with strong authority, such as online media in particular.

Choose the right URL for your content. By default, the URL of your article will take your H1 word-for-word title. Consider optimizing it by shortening it and avoiding linking words.


In conclusion

Here are a few words to simplify your understanding of SEO and to give you a little checklist for the production of your content. To find out more, do not hesitate to click on the links to deepen one or more points.

Also consider having an ergonomic website, which loads quickly and meets web standards; responsive design, secure, well-structured and accessible at the level of the most important information.

If understanding natural referencing is easier for you, the fact remains that it is a practice that requires perseverance and patience. Do not expect to appear on Google overnight, but the sooner you start your SEO the faster you will gain visibility. Beyond that, you will often depend on paying levers such as online advertising. ( Understand Natural Referencing to Better Understand it in Business


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