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How to Get Started with WordPress?

How to Get Started with WordPress

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world with nearly 27% of websites created using it. However, to master the creation of a website, it is necessary to train. Let's see how to get started with WordPress.

When you want to create your first website, WordPress appears as an obvious choice. Today, nearly 27% of sites around the world use this CMS (Content Management System).

It's easy to use and customize, with hundreds of themes and plugins available. However, understanding all of this information can be confusing and even discouraging for new users. But do not panic!


If you're new to WordPress and don't know where to start, follow the guide!


WordPress installation and first settings
WordPress, WordPress training

Installing WordPress only takes a few minutes. But once this step is over, what to do? Start by logging into the administration area and taking a look at your entire new site and its features. Organize and configure your new platform.


This step is often overlooked and yet it is essential if you want your site to hold up.

You will then need to answer a few essential questions:


  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Who is he talking to?
  • What kind of information will I post there?
  • What frequency of publication to adopt?

Once you have answered these few questions, you will already have an idea of   how to organize your site. If you are targeting a young audience, for example, you will need to opt for a more trendy theme, with dynamic colors. For a slightly older audience, a more sober theme will be suitable.


This information will also derive your writing style.


You will also have an idea of   the categories you are going to offer. Then list the topics you would like to cover, as well as the sub-categories that might come to your mind.


Change the look of your WordPress site

Once done, you can start by personalizing your site, by changing the theme in particular. Themes are representation styles that totally change the look of your site.

You have thousands of them available, free and paid! All you have to do is choose from the list offered and click on the activate button, under the theme of your choice. To see the result, click on the name of your site at the top of the toolbar. It's that simple and nothing else except the overall look of the site will have changed.


A WordPress training will allow you to understand this kind of customization and optimization.


Write and manage articles

Content is the very foundation of your site. Go to the administration screen and click on the Articles menu to write and manage your articles. To write your first content, click Add.


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The screen that appears may look impressive, but there is nothing complicated! You just have to fill in the empty fields intended for the title, the body of the text, then select the category and you will be able to publish by clicking on the corresponding button.


Extensions or plugins

Extensions, or plugins, are intended to add additional functionality to your website. There are an infinite number of extensions to better secure your site, integrate new features, optimize your SEO, etc. They are available on the official directory.

To install a new extension, go to the administration panel of your platform and click on Extensions, then Add. All you have to do is do a little research or click on "Upload an extension", if you have previously downloaded the extension of your choice on your computer.


Information to share with your readers

To integrate informative content pages, a feature called Pages has been implemented. Usually these pages contain information to contact you, the reasons for your website, your area of   expertise, or your professional background.

Who are we? To contact us, Legal notices, Site map, are the type of headings commonly used for these pages. Unlike the articles that you will publish regularly, the information you will put in these pages is static.


WordPress comments

You can allow them or not. By allowing your readers to leave comments at the bottom of your articles, you will create a dynamic of exchange and this will enrich your content. They will be able to give you their opinions, ask you questions ... Your site will then be more user-friendly.


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You will have to think about the presentation of the comment form and the way in which you will encourage visitors to put it. And remember that you will also need to moderate the messages left, which can take a long time.


Do I need to take WordPress training?

We've only covered a few basic WordPress features. It is also tedious to choose a good guide for this CMS on the web. Not because it is difficult to find information on this subject, on the contrary. But too much information kills information.

Between mediocre articles, complicated tutorials ... You can quickly get lost. The best is then to really train through online or face-to-face training. It takes time, sure, but it's necessary if you really want to master WordPress! 

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