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How to Choose a WordPress Theme? Practical Guide

How to Choose a Wordpress Theme Practical Guide

The 6 points to check before buying your WordPress theme:

One of the great advantages of Wordpress is the multiplicity of themes available on the web. For a few tens of dollars, or even for free, you have a superb theme for your site or blog.


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The WordPress themes market has really exploded in recent years.

With the development of Wordpress, the theme market really exploded. Where, 6 or 7 years ago, there were a lot of free themes, we now find merchant sites that offer hundreds of themes at very democratic prices.

We are now spoiled for choice, for a price generally around US $ 50. But what will you receive for this price? It varies greatly! There are a few things to pay attention to before clicking “buy”.

1. Is the theme suitable for mobile?

Today, if your site is not suitable for tablets and mobile phones, you might as well sign its death warrant. In your research, automatically select the “responsive” criterion, and go see on your tablet or smartphone what the demo site looks like.

Even if it seems absurd today to offer themes that would not be suitable, there are still some on the market, so it is better to check.

2. Did you read the demo site correctly?

Have you checked how many different types of pages are available to you, and if they will meet your needs? If you have a crush on a theme but it requires some adaptation, you will need to plan for an additional development cost. Which leads me to the next point.


3. What files are provided to you if you purchase the theme?

And more specifically, will you receive the PSD files, which will be needed if you want to make any adaptations in the design?

Also see what the designer has to offer. Will you receive demo content that can serve as a basis for understanding how the site works? Do we send you documentation in pdf?


Don't buy a cat in a bag, make sure everything you need is included in the package.


4. Who will help you?

Always check if there is a support system planned for the topic, whether it is on a forum or by mail. If it's a forum, take a look: are users' questions answered? What timeframe?

If your theme page has dozens of weeks old questions that no one has answered, run away. Or be aware that you will have to fend for yourself.

Also see if the theme designer speaks English correctly. It might sound silly, but I personally had the greatest difficulty getting precise explanations from a Vietnamese developer, simply because their English was very poor. He did not understand my questions very well and I did not always understand his answers. It quickly makes you lose several hours on a project.

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It can also be interesting to see if the theme designer is available to make customizations, in case you need them. If he doesn't, it's not insurmountable, but if he does, no one will do it as quickly and cleanly as him.


5. WordPress versions and plugins

Is the theme ready for the current Wordpress version? This is particularly noticeable right after a major version change.

Also, think carefully about which plugins you will really need. If the strength of Wordpress is also based on these plugins, there are incompatibilities that are difficult to predict. In the case, for example, where you want to use WPML to develop a site in multiple languages, it is prudent to check with the designer if they have tested their site with this plugin and if everything is working.


Again, a look at the support forums can teach you a lot.


6. Read user reviews, see real sites designed with the theme

Ask the designer to provide you with references if necessary. Nothing like seeing how the product behaves in a real situation to judge its quality.

Large merchant sites, such as themeforest , are gold mines - but they are not a guarantee of quality for every theme offered with them. So always see precisely who you are going to give your money to.


In conclusion

Don't make an impulsive choice based solely on the aesthetics of a demo site. By taking a few extra precautions with these few checks, you may be able to save yourself some serious trouble down the road.

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