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Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G be the first 5G Smartphone in the Netherlands?


Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G

Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G be the first 5G Smartphone in the Netherlands?

In 2020, T-Mobile will roll out a nationwide 5G network in the Netherlands. High time for 5G smartphones! The Samsung Galaxy S10, which will probably be announced later this month, could be one of the first.

On February 20, Samsung will announce a number of new products during the Samsung Unpacked event. It is expected to include the Samsung Galaxy S10, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S9. In the meantime, more and more rumors are emerging that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will also appear on the market as a 5G device. This makes it one of the very first 5G devices worldwide.


The introduction of 5G

It is certain that most device manufacturers are working hard on 5G devices. 5G is the successor to 4G and is not only faster, but also more reliable thanks to lower latency (delay on your connection). In addition, you can connect many more different devices to it. 5G uses a combination of frequencies that makes this new standard in data traffic possible. T-Mobile, together with Tele2, has announced that it wants to roll out 5G nationally in 2020. To be able to use 5G on your smartphone, your device must of course be suitable for it. The current generation of smartphones is currently not yet.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

At the end of 2018, Samsung gave a demonstration of its own 5G phone in collaboration with chip builder Qualcomm. At the moment, chip manufacturers in particular face the major challenge to build the right hardware for 5G networks. Competitor Intel is also making every effort to get this technology ready on time.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is expected to have the same appearance as the regular Samsung Galaxy S10. The 10 in the name of this device series is also a reference to the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line.


First 5G phone in the Netherlands

Whether the 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released directly in the Netherlands is still very much the question. And after all, there are no real 5G networks operational on which the device can be used. However, there is a chance that Samsung will use the moment to demonstrate its preparation for 5G technology during their Unpacked event on February 20.

Tech journalists expect that a small amount of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G devices will be released in the United States and South Korea in mid-March 2019. This device is probably slightly more expensive than the normal Galaxy S10. But with a 5,000MAh battery, 10GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and of course a 5G function, you get value for money if you really want to be ahead.


On February 20, we will know for sure whether a new Galaxy S10 is coming and whether it is ready for 5G. Don't want to miss that moment? Subscribe now to our Samsung news service and we will make sure that you are the first to know about all releases during this event.

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