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Why the new Apple iPhone Xr is Worth the Wait


Why the new Apple iPhone Xr is Worth the Wait

Why the new Apple iPhone Xr is Worth the Wait

When you think of Apple, you think of expensive phones. This year, however, the company surprised with a cheaper model of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max: the iPhone Xr. And after the Apple Event, it became immediately clear why you want this phone.


1. Everything the iPhone X can do

Last year's iPhone X left the world in amazement. The phone had all kinds of new features and an all-new design. However, the iPhone Xr is not inferior to its predecessor. This phone can do everything the iPhone X can and has the same kind of design.


So you can take advantage of Face ID, Animoji and take beautiful photos. You can also control the device with the same gestures as the iPhone X. Tap the screen to turn it on, swipe up to go to your home screen and swipe down for your notifications.


The big difference is that this phone has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, instead of an OLED screen that we also see on the iPhone Xs, for example. Still, you don't have to worry: the so-called Liquid Retina screen has a wide color display and True Tone. So everything on your screen is still razor-sharp and has beautiful colors.


2. A12 Bionic

Still, the phone is not quite the same as the iPhone X. The Xr has a completely new chip: the A12 Bionic. And that offers many advantages. This makes your phone faster and your apps have to start up 30 percent faster. So you don't waste time waiting for apps to load, but you can immediately become productive.

In addition, real-time machine learning must be made possible, which you can use for augmented reality and the Siri Shortcuts, among other things. With those shortcuts you can set your own routines, for example when you get up in the morning. Siri tells you which appointments you have today, in the meantime turn on your smart coffee machine and see if the road is busy. All with just one command.


3. Cheaper

The iPhone Xr actually differs little from the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Sure, the phone has a different screen (LCD instead of OLED) and only one rear camera. But according to Apple, the device still offers great performance, razor-sharp images and beautiful photos.


And all for a lower price than the iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max. That price is one of the things that makes this phone so attractive for anyone who wants a good device, but does not want to pay the main price right away. The Xr is available from 859 euros in black, white, red, blue, coral and yellow. Still not sure which new iPhone you want? Then use the handy iPhone product comparator on the Apple website.


Three ways to convince yourself of a new iPhone Xs or Xs Max

Both devices are considered perhaps the best smartphone of the moment. Are you still unsure about the purchase of the iPhone Xs or Xs Max? Then we will give you three reasons to convince yourself (or your boss).


1. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are faster

The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max have a completely new chip to start with: the A12 Bionic. This chip comes with a large number of advantages, such as the fact that apps will start up 30 percent faster. But there will also be an option for more storage, because you can expand your iPhone up to 512 GB. Especially if you work a lot on your phone and take a lot of photos and do not want to pay for separate cloud services, a larger memory is useful to have with you.


Also nice is that the chip makes the previously announced Siri Shortcuts possible. This allows you to have Siri perform different tasks at the same time by setting up routines. For example, you can set a routine for when you go to the office. Then Siri will let you know what appointments you have today and if there is a traffic jam on the way to work.


Overall, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are therefore a lot faster than its predecessor the iPhone X. Thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, both devices are not only a lot faster at opening and using apps, but also better at playing games and video, for example. Your smartphone is thus increasingly becoming a fully-fledged replacement for your laptop.


2. The new camera is better than ever

Social media is now an important part of online marketing and photos play an important role in this. So it is nice to always have a good camera with you with which you can take high-quality photos everywhere, both for business and pleasure. And with the Xs and Xs Max that is fine. The phones namely include a new Dual Camera with two 12 megapixel lenses and an improved True Tone flash.


iPhone has been known for its beautiful photo quality for years, but this new camera and flash on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max should make the quality of your photos even better. The system performs a trillion operations per photo, including hiding red eyes and optimizing shadows. As a result, both devices not only take the best photos, but also the best 4K videos you've ever seen on a smartphone.


The most striking feature of the new camera on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is the ability to adjust the depth of field of a photo after it has been taken. For example, you can add a very nice bokeh effect to your photos afterwards. There is no other smartphone in the world that can currently do that.


3. The iPhone Xs and Xs are beautiful

With the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, iPhone has introduced the most expensive iPhones to date, but for that money you also get one of the very best smartphones of the moment. In terms of technical specs, but also in terms of design. In its space gray, silver and gold version, this is rightfully the most luxurious version of an iPhone ever. Not to mention the crystal-clear OLED display, which ensures dazzling performance on your screen.


If you like to watch movies and series, or if you like to play games while on the train, the iPhone Xs or Xs Max may be the best choice. Thanks to the A12 processor, the performance is not only optimal, but you will especially enjoy the 4K image quality, beautiful colors and brightness of your screen. For example, the iPhone Xs or Xs Max not only replaces your laptop, but also your television.

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