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When is the Best Time to Send your Business Emails?

When is the Best Time to Send your Business Emails

Ever wondered when would be the best time to send an email? When I say “send an e-mail”, of course I mean sending an e-mail campaign.

Indeed, during my various professional experiences, I sent several million promotional e-mailings (or not) without having a precise idea of   the best day, the best time, to send these emails, like say the Québécois.

I am going to relay to you today a study carried out by the company Omnisend, which publishes marketing automation software. This study will give you the best days of the month to send your e-mails, of the week but also the best times.

Note that this study was carried out from the analysis of the sending of more than 2 billion e-mails made through their tool. Of course, as with every study, remember that these are results taken from an average, which may not correspond to your audience.

So, if you ever want to take advantage of this analysis to change the frequency of sending, the days or even the hours of your emails, consider testing, testing and testing again! Every audience is different!

The study reveals several elements that can help you optimize the sending of your e-mail campaigns. Among this information, there is one that is often overlooked by other studies that can be found on the subject: the best days of the month.


Is it more interesting to send emails at the beginning or end of the month? Mid-month?


When to send a promotional email in the month?

While the big brands send out weekly campaigns, the smaller ones often choose to send on a monthly basis. The vast majority of retailers, large or small, intuitively choose email dates, without trying to check whether their intuition is correct.

As I indicated to you above, Omnisend sought to identify the best days of a month to send emails and here are the results in the form of a graph:


Best time to send email commercial

To achieve this graph, Omnisend averaged the open rates of emails sent from its tool over the period analyzed and compared it with the average click rate.

As you can see, the emails that seem to respond the best were sent before the 15th of the month. What I cannot explain to myself, however, is why there is such a peak on the 19th of the month without this date being highlighted.

As one can imagine, these statistics can be explained in part by the fact that most employees are paid at the very end of the month or at the beginning of the month. They therefore have a greater propensity to be responsive to the various commercial communications you may send them.


What is the best day of the week to send business emails?

Second subject: the best day of the week to send commercial emails.

Many studies have already been published on the subject and that of Omnisend confirms this trend: Thursday is generally the best day to send your promotional emails.

As you can see from the podium above, it would appear to be the midweek days that work the most. In order: Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


At what time to send your promotional emails?

When it takes several hours for your tool to send the email you have programmed to the millions of subscribers of your newsletter (which is still increasingly rare), the ideal time to send your emailing is more relative.

 However, it remains interesting to have some stats in mind as can be summarized by the graph generated by Omni send:


As with the days of the month or week, Omni send compared the performance of open and click rates.

On reading this illustration, it would seem that 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. are the best times, which corresponds to the different key hours for employees: before starting work, at lunch break and at the end of work.

Please note, Omnisend is a global company, which means that the end of work hours vary a lot between countries. Where finishing work at 4 p.m. is rather usual in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is rarer in France where the most suitable time should be around 5.30 p.m.-6 p.m.


3 tips to improve your email campaigns

Now that you know a little more about the best times to send commercial emails, I suggest you give you some reminders on the best way to optimize your emailings.


Consider cleaning up your email database

The first reminder that I think it is important to stress is of course that of regularly cleaning your database.

Every month, take out the performance statistics of your emails and remove from your mailing list all emails that have not had any activity with your emails for more than 6 months.

Indeed, this will lower the number of your subscribers, but you will have the assurance of having an active and reactive database of addresses for your communications.

Your email statistics will then be more realistic, which will allow you to make real analyzes of the performance of your emails and you will be able to make the best decisions.


Adjust sales pressure

Another important subject is the commercial pressure of your emails.

It is often said that it is important to vary the subjects of your emails by combining information emails with promotional emails.

As usual, you know me, I'll tell you to test! You may have a hunch on how often you should send your business emails, but take the time to analyze and make sure your hunch is correct.

Continually test the frequency of sending your emails and try to find the best ratio between the number of sales generated and the number of lost subscribers (because the more you increase the emails, the more Internet users are likely to saturate and unsubscribe).


Base yourself on your audience

The last piece of advice I could give you to optimize your campaigns is to adapt your entire emailing strategy to your audience.

As I often say to my clients: it is often said that it is better to avoid dark colors for e-commerce sites… Except that if the site is aimed at goths, black is an essential color!

Suddenly, the operation is the same for e-mails. So forget all the data you may have read in this article and do your tests by yourself. Start from this base and optimize your emails, the days and times of sending of your emails until you obtain the combo perfectly adapted to the expectations of your prospects / customers.

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