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What Tools are Needed to Repair your Computers, Tablets and Smartphones?

Repair your Computers, Tablets and Smartphones

What Tools are Needed to Repair your Computers, Tablets and Smartphones? Being able to repair your computer and electronic equipment yourself or intervene for modifications requires good tools. Here are a few. Home computer devices such as internet boxes, computers, tablets and smartphones are present everywhere in our environment. From homes to offices to schools, they have become indispensable in all spheres of our life.

With the fragility of computer and electronic equipment and the planned obsolescence of certain components, it can become interesting to learn how to repair your own equipment.

Learn to repair and intervene on your computer equipment

To allow a better longevity of its equipment, it is now opportune to become a technician. It has become rare to find repairers to carry out interventions on our small equipment, and as such, it can be useful to equip yourself with good tools to carry out small repairs yourself.

The reason is simple! Tutorials abound on the Internet to allow us to intervene in everything and all that is missing is the tools. Today there are many, many precision tools available on the market that can be found online to repair these devices. Choosing the right tools for your precision repairs is therefore essential to respond to major malfunctions and possible upgrade needs.

And if you become a pro, why not develop a side business with your acquaintances?

The essential accessories for your computer repairs

To allow you to tinker with your devices, you will need to have many tools, including precision. It will be the same for smartphone repairs, battery changes and upgrades to your laptops.


Pliers of different sizes

They are always useful for handling small screws, and it is not uncommon to drop one of them inside the case. Small pliers are also essential for disconnecting cables or small, fragile connectors in smartphones or laptops.

For the removal of jumpers on motherboards for example, they will always be useful to you. Finally, if you have to make small welds with wires, here too the pliers will be of great help. All of the small parts that make up our electronic and computer devices require precision handling. So the pliers are here the first essential tools.


Screwdrivers, bits and screws

The screwdriver is probably the most important tool to have. Computer parts are usually attached to each other and to different parts of the case by screws. Contrary to popular belief, it will be important to have a screwdriver that does not have a magnetic tip. Having a magnetized screwdriver inside a computer case could damage some components or circuitry.

Provide classic precision screwdrivers and a second set of screwdrivers with interchangeable bits. Among the bits you can already provide Torx bits, which can be found in almost all laptops up to smartphones. If you can, always have a few screws handy.


Fixing with magnifying glass

When it comes to a problem to be solved on a printed circuit board or a small part to be changed, professionals generally use a removable fixing station with a magnifying glass. This in order to have both more ease and better visibility of the parts. It is a small tool that is one of the essentials, especially if you are the type to tinker or even solder circuits on consoles, in order to unlock them.


A welding station

Finally the mini welding station, which goes hand in hand with the overhung attachment of the magnifying glass. To repair circuits or make a solder point on a defective wire, there is no other solution than to do it yourself to avoid an exorbitant cost in repair.

Measuring devices to have in your tool kit

The multimeter and the voltage tester

There is nothing more frustrating than assembling a computer, shutting it down, and pressing the power button only to find that nothing happens. You will then need to use a multimeter and always have it on hand to locate any problems.

If you have one of these small devices, it will only take a few seconds to already make sure that your power supply is functional. Check that voltage is being supplied and that simple components, such as the switch, are functioning perfectly.


The network tester

This type of tester is used to check the continuity of cables and their connection, whether USB, STP and UTP or even IEEE and BNC. This makes it easier to detect an anomaly on your network and to understand where the possible failure is coming from.

Indispensable protections for your safety

When tinkering and especially on small sensitive and fragile equipment, it is preferable to protect yourself, especially the eyes but also the hands overloaded with numerous manipulations, sometimes under light or electrostatic tension.



When repairing screens, it can happen that glass projectiles jump near your eyes. Protective glasses will then be very useful in this case. Also, in case of smoke and heavy dust, glasses are recommended. For people who have sight problems, there are models in which you can insert your own glasses, without hindering the work.


Antistatic gloves and bracelets

Antistatic gloves are generally made in one piece and have several properties. They are non-slip, which is handy when repairing phones, for example, and they are abrasion resistant and do not mold.

Their main feature is the protection of the hands against electrostatic discharges which are quite common. Especially when we handle and repair electronic devices regularly, see daily.


The fireproof (fireproof) case for used batteries

The fireproof case is used to store used batteries of laptops and computers. Sometimes the batteries may swell and burn due to physical shock or temperature shock. This case is of course not essential but recommended if you have several used or even broken batteries. If you are working with acquaintances on the go, they will be useful.

For the different protections, it is important to inform yourself and only buy equipment that has the correct EN standards.

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