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This is new in iOS 11 | the new Operating System for your iPhone


new in iOS 11 iPhone

This is new in iOS 11 | the new Operating System for your iPhone

The most important innovations of iOS 11 at a glance!

Today Apple has released iOS 11, the new operating system for your iPhone and iPad. As always, an update brings new and useful features. These are the biggest innovations.


App Store

The App Store is getting a new look, but also more functions. For example, the app store will have a 'Today' section, in which Apple itself puts an app in the spotlights every day. In addition, the App Store now offers more information, tips and lists. This should make it easier to discover new, cool apps.



Your smartphone's camera becomes even more essential. Especially for portrait photos, the software update offers a lot of news. The color spectrum widens, making photos more vivid. Apple is also adding new filters with this update. In addition, you can take twice as many snaps as before, because new photos only take up half of the storage space.

There are also more options for Live Photos. You can now have the moving images repeat endlessly or give it a bounce effect. In addition, the Live Photo first plays normally and then, immediately at the end of the 'video', backwards.


Control panel

The well-known control panel, which you conjure up by swiping up at the bottom of your screen, is being updated. The icons and buttons now fill the entire screen and have been completely shuffled. The biggest advantage is that you can now adjust the panel to your own taste. To do this, go to Settings and add or remove items.


Car lock

Safety first, also with your smartphone. If your iPhone detects that you are driving, all kinds of functions will automatically be blocked. This way you will not be distracted by bells, notifications or other sounds. You can also enable the function manually, using the car button from the control panel above.

Although notifications are turned off, you can still use other apps. Your navigation software still works, as do the buttons to play music.


Augmented reality

We already know this technology from Pokémon Go and the Snapchat masks: a virtual layer is placed over the real world. IOS 11 now includes ARKit in most new devices. This allows app builders to easily build augmented reality applications for the latest Apple devices.

Consider, for example, a furniture seller. That company can, for example, build an app so that you can already see how your new sofa set will look in the living room. Or game makers who turn the same living room into a realistic gaming environment.

The augmented reality technology only works on iPhone 6s and later, iPhone SE, the iPad (2017) and the 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.



The smart assistant Siri also keeps up with the times. Or keep her time, because Siri will also be available with a female voice in the Netherlands with this update. The assistant gets a little smarter and can now translate words - from English - into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Moreover, you no longer have to speak with your voice, but you can also chat with him / her. To do this, go to Settings and enable the 'Type questions to Siri' function via 'General'. This way Siri can also help you when you cannot speak, for example in the silent compartment or in the library.



The operating system places a lot of emphasis on the iPad in addition to the iPhone. The new Files app brings all your documents together, making it a lot easier to work with your device. In addition, multitasking becomes easier: you can easily open a second app from the dock by dragging it to the screen.

You can now download 11 iOS for iPhone 5s, all variants of the iPhone 6, all versions of the iPhone 7 and latest devices: iPhone 8 and iPhone X . The update is also available for the iPad mini 2, 3 and 4, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air and iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro.

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