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The content strategy mobile in 2015

The content strategy mobile in 2015

The content strategy in 2015 will have as its main support, the reflection of a growing market: Mobility

The content strategy (mobile) in 2015

Before going any further, here's a quick synopsis of what a content strategy is. Basically, it consists of planning the publication of content and maintaining it on all known and emerging platforms; namely smartphones, tablets but also connected objects with a screen… not to mention computers which are beginning to appear as ancestors.

From then on, it is no longer a question of reasoning for a long time by said content, but rather by the supports which will receive it. In the era of mobility and increasing numbers of screens, a very strong notion intervenes and is present in online communication; responsive design.

The content strategy mobile in 2015

To put it simply, it is the capacity of the content, and the structure of a website, to adapt to the size of the screen on which it will be viewed. Each company present on the market with strong growth resulting from its visibility on the internet, is or will be obliged to adapt to consumption patterns and consumer requirements in the years to come.

It is therefore important not to lose sight of the possibilities offered to companies on the changes which are occurring and which are directly linked to the mobility market. Clearly, it is no longer a question of deciding on a distribution medium but of leaving the choice to your customers to choose it ... and for that it is necessary to adapt by having flexible and optimized content on all mobile devices.among others. The content strategy therefore becomes a problem of support more than of content in the true sense of the term.

Community managers will undoubtedly be able to learn new editorial rules through the mobility sector. We will see shortly how we adapt to all these new formats.

As for the content, him! it will have to follow a logic of consumption in a universe where everyone tries to take their place, while digging their way on the information superhighways.

To do so, it must be short, impactful and respond through key points in an evocative title. It will no longer be necessary to focus on the main article, but to reserve it for technical subjects, case studies or even posts requiring a more detailed approach on the nature of the points to be struck.

Here in our micro content, it is a question of possibly distilling information on several articles, and to make it impacting on a central point. You speak strategy, for example draw up 3/4 key points with a logical progression. Leave access to depth through a CTA or an approach aimed at providing service. You also have to think about setting limits on the content and what it contains. If there is a benefit to highlight, the dosage should be fine and the content should immediately meet a need through a few lines.

 The content strategy mobile in 2015

It may even appear more difficult, moreover, to deal with micro content rather than a feature article. You have to know how to be concise while using good keywords and powerful formulas. Even micro content must allow diagonal reading. It should therefore not exceed the limit of 500 words on average. The community manager will have here material to develop his writing to quickly reach his target.


3 key points to remember:

1.  The medium that will receive the content

2.  Work on micro-content

3.  Focus on CTAs for more detail.


These different points are not necessarily exhaustive, but they take into account the evolution of trends and the nature of emerging media. In the months and years to come, support will take a more important place in the content strategy.

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