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New Samsung Galaxy S20 is Ready for 5G and 8K Video

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is Samsung's latest smartphone. A device that excels at taking photos and videos and streaming media.

Samsung has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20. A brand new smartphone and the successor to the popular Galaxy S10. Not a Samsung Galaxy S11, as the rumors previously claimed. With the Galaxy S20, Samsung is literally taking a big step forward.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra and S20 Plus

Samsung has announced three variants of the Galaxy S20. The 'regular' Galaxy S20 5G with a 6.2-inch display is available in three colors: Cosmic Gray, Cloud Pink and Cloud Blue, or gray, pink and blue. Then there is the large variety, the Galaxy S20 + 5G with a 6.7-inch display. This device is available in the colors Cosmic Black, Cosmic Gray and Cloud Blue, or black, gray and blue.


And finally, there is the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with the largest display of no less than 6.9 inches. This high-end model in the product range is available in the colors Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray (black and gray) and has the most extensive set of features and camera specifications.



The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in the colors Cosmic Gray, Cloud Pink and Cloud Blue

S20 ready for 5G

All new S20 devices that will be for sale at T-Mobile is ready to use 5G. That's good news, as T-Mobile is working on the rollout of 5G in 2020. Simply put, 5G is even smarter and more dynamic than 4G. The strength of 5G is that it adapts to customer needs and applications, especially in the IoT area. It will soon offer even higher reliability than 4G in, for example, critical communication, such as for emergency services, where stability of the connection plays a major role. If you want to be ready for the future and be the first to try 5G as soon as it is available, this is possible with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G devices.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is also ready for 5G

Space Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S20 excels again when it comes to camera performance. For example, the S20 has a new feature called 'Space Zoom'. With Space Zoom you can zoom in even further from a great distance, up to 30x with the regular S20 or S20 + 5G. With the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G you can even zoom in up to 100x. Handy at a concert or if you are standing at the back of the hall at a conference: Thanks to Space Zoom you can still read those slides well!


8K Video and Bright Night

The video qualities of the Galaxy S20 are astonishing. You can make a video with it in 8K. Indeed, that is cinema quality. You can take company videos or vlogs to a much higher level with this device. Do you regularly film outside or in the dark? Thanks to the Bright Night night mode function on the Galaxy S20, these recordings are also well lit as if you brought your own studio lights.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G in Cosmic Black, Cloud Blue and Cosmic Gray

Stream media

On the Samsung S10, we were introduced to Samsung's beautiful infinity-O display, which is of course also included on the S20. This unique screen runs almost completely over the edges of your device, so that you have no black edges around your image and you experience an even better viewing experience. Handy if you like to watch a movie or series on the way to work.


The intelligent all-day battery ensures that you save battery when you are not using the device for a while and so always have some juice left at the end of a long working day. And of course the S20 has stereo speakers all around. So even if you've forgotten your wireless headset, you can listen to all your movies, series, webinars or conference calls in optimal sound.

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