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Monetize Blog Posts and Benefit from Community Management


Monetize Blog Posts and Benefit

Monetize Blog Posts and Benefit from Community Management: To be able to take advantage of your blogging and community management skills to earn money with your blog. The monetization of its blog posts is the central point allowing bloggers to make a living from their activity. However, having community management skills to better benefit from the monetization of your blog can make the difference.


Blogging and community management at the service of its site in order to make a living from it!


Earn money with your blog thanks to community management

It is quite possible to make a living from your blog as we have just discovered through a long dedicated article. Here it is a question of focusing on a few methods to monetize your blog articles and to take advantage of community management skills to boost your website.

Note, however, that this represents a lot of work for a simple blogger as for a community manager. The work of a professional blogger is therefore not easy, but it remains exciting when you can do what you love by combining your skills in social media.

There are still rules to follow so that your blog can bring you interesting income. Several types of collaboration are born from the initiative to monetize its site. Moreover, the majority of them are inevitable when we want to achieve this goal. The idea is to show off and therefore gain visibility in order to attract partnerships to oneself.


Community management to boost the monetization of your blog

This is where the role of the community manager will come in, to make good use of social networks in order to acquire this sought-after visibility. If natural referencing or SEO remains the major axis to be favored, it does not allow you to gain organic traffic quickly, but surely if you persevere and if you do things well.

A community manager must therefore master the fundamentals of SEO and know how to write for Google as for social networks. His skills in social media, his ability to manage and engage a community, will be invaluable knowledge to work on the monetization of his blog posts.

SEO and social networks are complementary, one to acquire organic traffic on Google and the other to mobilize a community on its content, while gaining social traffic.

Working hard and producing lots of relevant content is essential to making money with your blog.

Community manager and blogging

The community manager does not intervene only on social networks. The blog has become a very popular channel for maintaining a connection with a community. This does not mean that a blogger and a CM actually have the same skills. The CM will have a clear advantage if he knows how to master WordPress codes and if he knows how to write for the web.


Community manager and blogging

Although he should have more and more knowledge, especially in terms of editorial quality, SEO and content production (editorial and visual). In the context of outright community management, creativity and community animation are two essential qualities. In any case the community manager should have no trouble managing a blog, to increase and retain a community.

A large number of brands are creating their blog for the sole purpose of interacting with their customers and prospects in a more sustained manner. Here it would be a question of prolonging the experience and of earning money with his working tool. A lever which moreover applies to the freelance and the professional blogger of course.

  • Now let's see some levers to monetize your site:
  • Advertising to monetize your blog

Online advertising is a great way to make money blogging. Here's how to do it.


Google Adsense to get started

This method deserves to be presented first, because it is the easiest to implement. It is one of those techniques that we consider to be passive. Advertising generates income in an automated way. You just need to open an account on Google Adsense to use it. On the other hand, we do not recommend it if your site is still lacking in traffic. The point is, however effective Adsense advertising may be, it can distract people who may leave your page prematurely. Which will not improve your bounce rate.


Advertising to monetize your blog

Once on the Google Adsense interface, creating ads that work is a snap. The menus and options presented there are there to guide you step by step, to integrate a code allowing you to display your ads. The insertion can be done using a very simple plugin. This extension not only facilitates integration, but also the management that follows.


The implementation of advertising inserts

The advertising insert is a form of advertising to be placed on its website. It can take on a classic or lively look. It can also let other players know about the possibility of running commercial advertisements on your blog. To do so it should display the types of announcements that can be used. This information is also visible to both people and bots.

The display of advertisements on your blog will be done in several ways, either through an advertising network such as Google AdSense or others who may solicit you or directly. These are brands, companies etc. who can call on your services to advertise directly on your blog. The prices are variable and depend on your traffic and the qualification of your audience.


The affiliation method

Affiliate links and banners are great ways to earn income from blogging. They are available on very specific platforms. With this in mind, you are the affiliate who helps the advertiser acquire new customers through an affiliate program. The commission received varies from 5 to 70% of the brand's profits. The determination of this remuneration depends on the type of product or service to be sold and the advertiser's budget.

To find partners willing to pay you an attractive sum, you have to be up to the task. Promoting these links requires SEO-friendly methods: good quality articles on the right topic, well-chosen anchors, good keywords, clean design, etc.

Here, a community manager will know how to bounce back from his community to maximize the reach of his affiliate offers. It will always be necessary to ensure that you are in touch with its main theme. The goal is not to put too much emphasis on a commercial side.


There are a few platforms where you can find affiliate programs, including:

  • Net affiliation,
  • Affiliate...

Access is generally free for a community manager as well as for a blogger. As for advertisers, they benefit from the advantages of these channels for a fee. If the affiliation works very well for some bloggers, you should know that the products or services put forward must be directly related to your theme. Having a lot of traffic on your blog will of course be a big advantage.


What about netlinking and sponsored articles?

Besides links, sponsored posts are also one of the best ways to monetize your blog. In this case, even the content is created according to the advertiser's rules. There may or may not be a link depending on the latter's needs. The point is, netlinking and sponsored articles are inextricably linked. Netlinking agencies are the best placed to support you in this project.

Here again, we can work directly with brands, companies and various players looking for visibility and better SEO positioning. Selling a sponsored article is time consuming work so sell it well and not just to your audience, think about the work ahead.

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