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How To Make Money On Ebay

Make Money On Ebay

 How To Make Money On EBay? With more than 162 million buyers on its site and 21 million subscribers, EBay is the leader of online auction sites. In just 12 years, the site has created a real community and thousands of followers around the world.


But why such a success? Quite simply because we are all looking for ways to make money  and selling products online is one of the most profitable ways to do this. In addition, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, EBay is easy to access. Today, Fuzz brings you its User Guide to Start Selling Products on eBay and Make Money!


Make Money On Ebay: Start From The Beginning

While Ebay is a very popular site, you should know that there are a few steps you should take at the start rather than rushing into the sale. Otherwise, you might quickly feel lost ... Prefer to follow the process step by step, in other words: start at the beginning!


Make money on Ebay: registration

Signing up on Ebay is the first step you will be “faced with”. A strong term for a simple form to fill out… After having clicked on the link “subscribe”, located at the top left of the screen, all you have to do is create your account by filling out a form basic: first name, last name, email address and password.

Once the registration form has been completed, remember to finalize the opening of your Ebay account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address. You now have access to your space and can take the second step to earn money on Ebay!


Making Money On Ebay: What To Sell?

You are now back in the den of Ebay ... But, to start earning your first euros, you still have to know what you want to sell! Several choices are possible depending on the financial and professional goals you are aiming for:

Either you sell products that belong to you, everything that you do not want or no longer use and the objects that you have sorted.


Either you buy products from a wholesaler to resell them on eBay

Of course, your “status” (individual or professional) on Ebay will not be the same depending on the choices you have made. As such, the conditions of Ebay are clear: " You are considered a professional seller if you regularly offer goods or services on eBay for money and over a long period ". All information on this subject can be found at this address: 


Earn money on ebay


If you don't know what to sell on Ebay , try to get an idea by looking at the different sections and categories of the site. You will thus see what other sellers offer as products, the prices charged… If possible, sell only products that you know so that you can write good descriptions and give quality information to potential buyers.

Here are some examples of products to sell and make money on Ebay :

  • Old toys: many collectors “snoop” on Ebay in search of the rare item (Playmobil, dolls, etc.)
  • Computer and high-tech equipment
  • Fashion items (branded adult clothing, etc.)
  • Childcare and Baby ClothingMaking Money On Ebay: Auction Or Buy It Now?
  • Make Money On Ebay: How To Sell?
  • After having defined what you want to sell on Ebay , it is now time to create your ads and earn your first dollars.


Making Money on Ebay: Bidding or Buy It Now?

Even though Ebay is primarily known to be an online auction site, it is possible for you to sell as a Buy It Now or “dropshipping”. Unlike the auction system, the user can then buy your product instantly, at a price that you have previously defined. In other words, the transaction is done like in a classic online store. But what are the advantages of Buy It Now over the traditional auction?


On the one hand, this solution comforts buyers who instantly know that the product is “theirs” and that they don't have to wait to find out if they have won the auction.

  • On the other hand, you can set the price you want
  • Finally, this solution will be perfectly suited to sellers who do not wish or do not have time to “play auction”.
  • However, if you are more “traditional auction” to sell on Ebay, the advantages of this formula are just as interesting. So you:
  • Get the most out of your items by setting the minimum bid amount and duration (3, 5, 7 or 10 days)
  • Benefit from the “suspense” side until the last minute (or even the last seconds of the auction)
  • You can expect to make a lot of money, or certainly a lot more, than selling your product as a buy it now.

Make money on Ebay: create your ad

To earn the most money on Ebay, the description of your ad must be impeccable and especially e-ffi-ca-ce! An excellent description is the assurance of successful sales! For this you need to follow some recommendations:


Choose the right title : the title of your ad should entice the potential buyer to click on your product. Prefer a clear title while using keywords searched by users on Ebay. The shorter and more direct your title, the better!

Provide quality information: no need to blab in your ad, the important thing is to provide potential buyers with the information they are looking for. Describe all the important things: color, dimensions, functions… Be specific while providing as much information as possible

Sell your product : of course, try to be as “seller” as possible by stating all the advantages of the product, its usefulness… Why should we buy yours more than another? Be careful, however: be a seller but not a liar!

After writing the description of your product, the Ebay form invites you to insert photos (a minimum). Again, this is a crucial step: no need to write a perfect description if your photos do not make you want to know more. To take a good photo, follow our advice:


Use a photo of at least 500 pixels on its longest side.

Take a photo of your object on a plain background (white or black) paying attention to the light exposure (shadow, reflection)

Prefer a full shot of your product for the main photo but also, if necessary, of the details, of the side and the underside of the object.


Make Money on Ebay: Sell!

Once your product is online, all you have to do is wait for the buyer. Once sold, you will receive a notification from eBay indicating the buyer's email address, payment method, and all relevant shipping information.

After having verified the good payment of the object by the buyer, all you have to do is ship the order. Pack it carefully and be as quick as possible to post it. Remember, to make money on Ebay, buyers need to trust you. It will be easier for you with positive feedback!

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