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How to Choose Professional SEO Optimization Services at A Good Price In 2021

Professional SEO Optimization

Has it ever happened to you to buy a T-shirt for 10-15 lei, to put it in the wash and to wake up that you take it out of the washing machine fluffy?

Or, worse… to realize with annoyance that his color came out, staining your other clothes as well?

In the second case, the damage is even greater, because now you have to throw away good clothes for one thing that was not of quality.

This is also the case when it comes to choosing SEO optimization services for your presentation site or online store that you own.

Did you know that the SEO techniques, which the company contracted by you to deal with, can seriously skip your site on Google, bringing tons of traffic to your site from the market segment you are targeting?


That's if he knows what he's doing.

Otherwise… it can bury your site in Google searches, placing it tens of pages away from the first page, if it doesn't know how.

So: if you know that your site needs SEO optimization, the way you choose the SEO agency you will collaborate with is an important decision for the future of your business and must be looked at very carefully.


But before we go into these details I want to clarify, in case you don't already know…

Here are some questions to ask the specialist of the SEO company you are talking to in order to start a collaboration:

Since when does that company provide SEO optimization services for websites?

If I answer that for more than 20 years, I'm most likely lying to you.

If they answer that for 2 years, ask them how they learned SEO, to make sure that the sources from where they learned are ok and the people in that company will not do things that harm your site.


How will they build your backlinks?

If I tell you it's a professional secret, you answer them "increase work" and contact the next SEO Company.


How do you measure the success of your SEO optimization campaign?

If I only tell you: through a better position on Google or, even more, I promise you that, collaborating with them, you will reach the first page or, even more, in the first position in Google, you should take it the escape.


Those are the SEO agencies you should avoid the most.

You don't want to rank Google in a short time through who knows what tricks they make and then, on the next update that Google makes to its algorithm, to bury your whole site in searches, so that it doesn't you can get out of there forever.

Great care! It's not a joke.

Why am I telling you this?

I suffered it. Yes, I, the SEO specialist, who since 2009, when I first heard this term, and so far I have had dozens of sites.

I tried to rank them on Google by white-hat SEO techniques (that is, to Google's liking) and even by black hat SEO techniques (yes, you got it… this category is not the right one).

Then I saw with my own eyes that my own sites, in which I had invested a ton of time, energy and money, are going fast, without me being able to do much.


I can say that I learned a lot from every experience I went through.

At this time, the SEO approach we promote and apply among our current clients at easiyitech is Google friendly, in other words it does not violate Google's policies in any way.

And I can say with all my heart that, for 5 years, since I approached this type of SEO optimization of sites, I sleep much more peacefully at night.

That's because I know that even if I don't rank my clients' sites on the first page of Google by keyword one month after another, their long-term position on Google will continue to grow, and so will it also happens with their online visibility.

  • Going back to what I told you earlier:
  • SEO is not just about ranking no. 1 on Google.
  • So, an SEO company that only brags about this aspect is not to be considered for a collaboration.
  • If, however, the SEO specialist of that company starts talking to you about:
  • More traffic to the site,
  • More conversions of prospects to customers or

Higher sales…

You already realize that you have in front of you a man who has some experience and a consistent baggage of knowledge in the field of online promotion, not just someone who tries to fake Google algorithms.


Signature seo

Read the blog owned by the SEO Company

If the way it is expressed leaves much to be desired, I cannot clearly state and argue an idea so that everyone can understand, regardless of their training, you will have a serious problem, my friend.

90% of SEO in 2021 means content writing. And if those people, from the SEO agency you are thinking of collaborating with, are not able to express themselves coherently or on the understanding of your audience, they will only ruin your business even more.

And yes, I've met some SEO agents like this in my life, unfortunately, and I could only shake my head when I saw how I write. Let me also say that it also bears the title of copywriters… we are already far ahead of it 🙁


Aaaa, and let's not forget…

 Do you know how many Romanians know how to write correctly today and to place the punctuation marks correctly in an article written on a computer?


You will laugh, but very, very few people.

  • I will not make a statistic, but I think it comes down to a few percent of the population.
  • I felt this on my skin every time we grew our online marketing agency team.

The first, and the most important criterion in our country, is that: the person knows how to write grammatically correct and to use the spelling signs correctly.


  • The whole process of reading poorly written articles is always a nightmare for me.
  • I'm sorry about this situation, but that's the truth. And sooner or later you will have to face him.
  • Make sure that the person within the SEO agency you start collaborating with knows how to write correctly .
  • Otherwise, the image of your company will suffer.
  • Think about what customers and potential customers will say when they read texts full of mistakes.
  • They will most likely think that you are making fun of them or that you wrote that article without caring too much, just so it would be.


1-2 or maximum 3 mistakes per 1000 words are considered acceptable.


But all that is more than that, it's no longer ok. 

In our team, the person who writes the article reads it twice to correct any mistakes. Then another person on the team reads it too, to make sure everything is ok before publication. So this kind of attention I'm talking about.

  • Ask the SEO specialist how long you will be able to see the results of the SEO campaign.
  • If he tells you that in 3 or maximum 6 months , you can know right away that you are dealing with an SEO agency that does SEO in the old style … in other words, that they are outdated.
  • In 2021, when we talk about increasing traffic through SEO, we are clearly talking about content marketing, content writing, articles.
  • But articles cannot be written in any case as they were written 10 years ago.
  • I mean, it's not enough to quickly slam an article of 300-500 words and you're done.


Or take a copy-paste article. In other words, to publish duplicate content, to which you should mention the source at the end and you're done, you're done with the creative part that day.


I'm sorry to inform you of this, but this tactic has not been effective for a long time.


And if you are wondering

Now the original, long articles are full, full of useful information for readers and SEO optimized, but with common sense, not crowded - pile over pile.

The emphasis is, first of all, on the visitor's experience , so that he can leave with something useful by reading that article, to be pleasantly impressed.


And if the readers of your site like you, they will also like the search engines, most likely.

These types of SEO articles that we write for our clients, on their blog, do not take 30 minutes per article, but between 4 and 8 hours .

We call them SEO advertorials , because they are created in order to generate sales for that company, but they are written with the needs of the reader and his education in mind, in order to make the best decision.

Because that's what we do here on easiyitech's blog. And everything we do for us, we do for our clients. Because we want the best for them.


And, in this process:

we search the internet, through several SEO software, and create a plan regarding the SEO words we will use,

we read other informative articles to document ourselves (because yes, our team of copywriters writes articles about real estate, bank loans, caravans, confectionery, dentistry, naturopathy, etc., and we are not God to know them all… but that does not mean that we do not work every day to improve and deliver better and better results to our loyal customers),

  • we write articles,
  • we correct them,
  • we correct them,
  • I format them and only then
  • I publish them.

In case you don't realize we are talking about a colossal job, which many SEO agencies are not willing to do even for the articles on their blog… 😀 not to mention the articles of their clients.


If you don't take my word for it, take a test .

Try to write an article of 1500-2000 words (attention: words, not letters!) And follow all the steps I described above, even if you are not very good at SEO.

Do it as best you can and see how long this whole process takes you, in order to understand the kind of involvement that the SEO expert who will collaborate with your company must show.

And in case you are wondering how much an SEO optimization focused on creating quality content costs … no, the price of an SEO article of this kind is not low at all .

However, the results we have, over time, from each of our clients, make us say with confidence that this is a sure path to success.

These are the articles you need to optimize your site's blog and grow your online business as a whole when it comes to on-page SEO optimization .

This, of course, in addition to SEO done on every page of the site or every product in your online store , if you have a business of this type.


seo price optimization

  • The price of SEO optimization in 2021: how to choose correctly
  • Do you remember the example from the beginning of this article?
  • Poorly saved money, where it is not the case, can ruin your entire wardrobe.
  • In the case of SEO, the problem is even more serious.

If you do not choose the right SEO company , and its employees apply all kinds of black hat and gray hat techniques, you may find that you bring your business into the wood.


It's risky.

So take great care.

I'm not kidding. I wouldn't say that if I hadn't seen and gone through all sorts of situations over the years.

Also, to make sure that the SEO optimization rate reflects exactly the situation of your site, be sure to give it from the very beginning to the SEO company to which you request a price offer, access to the site and to various accounts with statistics. .

Thus, she will be able to study the situation in detail, she will understand exactly what are the pluses and minuses of your site (ex: if at the time of the web design, a meta description and some keywords have been added to the site pages or not, how many non-optimized SEO pages the site contains) and will be able to make you an offer of services that will suit the needs of your website. 

Because yes, these details really do matter. And it helps you save time and money if, from the very beginning, you offer the SEO optimization company all the details.

To understand more clearly what I mean, here is an example: SEO optimization services for an online store with 300 products vs. SEO optimization services for a shop with 2000 products vs. a 5-page presentation site, requires a very different degree of effort and involvement from our SEO team.

  • As a result, the SEO rate we will offer in each of these 3 situations will be different.
  • And this situation that I am telling you about now is found in 80% of the prospects who contact us.
  • I'm waiting for a price offer. A good day!" are the order of the day.
  • No contact phone number, no website address at least…

So if you were to put yourself in our shoes, judging by what I just explained to you on the tariff side - time and effort involved, what offer would you give without even seeing what site it is ???

And of course in these situations we come back with email and ask the prospects if they have a website that we can look at in order to send them an offer.

This, of course, requires a longer response time, compared to that price offer that the prospectus expects.


That's why I tell you: it's best to give all the data from the beginning.


Get rid of a headache.

And at the same time you exclude the possibility that later, after the company with SEO optimization services sends you the offer to come back and say "wait, I also found the x and y problem that needs to be fixed and these will still cost z lei".

That's how you know from the start: I have to fix this, this and this according to the report sent by the SEO X company and it costs me so much lei. I agree? Do I want to pay this price for SEO? Or do you keep looking?


In conclusion : if you want to have professional SEO services…

Don't choose the SEO company to work with for the lowest price or the best price… (no matter what you want to call it, you understand exactly what I mean).

What matters most and most is the experience of those people, which they already do for other clients and show that it works and brings long-term results (we are talking about years, not months or weeks).

Yes, of course, you can send several requests for price offers to several agencies, but do not choose according to the criterion of the lowest price.

Otherwise it is possible to make a decision that will cost you the future of your business. Don't skimp where it's not appropriate.

Also, keep in mind that most SEO agencies use a monthly subscription as a basis for payment . So, every month you will have to pay them a certain price for what they do.

Be sure to ask them for an SEO report with the activity they did at the end of the month.

This way you will be able to see if they are really doing something, or eating your money in vain (because yes, I have encountered situations like this; otherwise I would not have warned you).

Seek to develop together an SEO strategy that is in line with the company's overall online marketing strategy . You don't want the SEO agency to pull in a different direction than the one you want to go with your business.



You can consider that you have obtained a good price for the SEO optimization of your site or online store, if the results of the SEO activity carried out are seen in time, in the long run, by:

  • increase traffic on the site,
  • increasing the number of new customers,
  • increasing the value of placed orders and
  • increasing the number of customers who return to do business with your company (increasing the number of loyal customers).

These things are not done in a few months, but in at least 1-2 years , but I can tell you from my own experience that it is worth it.

(By the way, even if we are talking here about SEO and medium and long term results, it does not mean that you have to wait so long. You can start SEO optimization of the site, but at the same time do not forget the Google Ads promotion campaigns ( Adwords) and Facebook Ads , which, even if they are a bit more expensive, bring you short-term results.)

 A good price for SEO optimization means a balanced balance between the amount of money paid and the results obtained, but expect the balance to be tilted at the beginning more in the direction of the price paid, and less in the direction of the results obtained, and, as as the months go by, that balance becomes more and more balanced and that, at some point, you even end up considering the price you pay as a small SEO subscription, compared to the results you get.

And if we keep talking about results, here is a picture with the results I have at the moment, from writing qualitative articles on the easiyitech blog , for the market segment I was addressing:


SEO optimization

Almost 30,000 different people access my site monthly, organically (for free, without advertising) because I find the information on the easiyitech site on the first positions in Google.

And some of them, as you can see, send us requests for quotations and then start a collaboration with us.

I show you this graph to understand that we don't just know theory. We are also good at the practical part . 


Do you want another example?

Here are the results recorded by the Domina Imobiliare Agency since we took over the "leadership" in terms of online promotion, including writing articles on their blog. 🙂


seo services

Returning to the idea of   market prospecting, in order to choose an SEO agency…

There is also the option in which, analyzing the price offers sent, you think the price is too high or you think it is too risky to choose a company, and, as a result, you decide, if time allows, to get started in SEO secrets .

It's an ok option and this one, just please take into account that it will take you a lot of time, time that you could otherwise invest in your business.

But, if you are determined to do this, a good start is to turn to your Google friend to find out: what is the definition of SEO ? What does this Search Engine Optimization mean and eat ?

If you have a site on WordPress, find out what plugins you can install for SEO optimization - there are some very good ones available for free.

If you know English, you will surely find some SEO optimization tutorials on Youtube (just be very careful to know how to distinguish between white hat SEO techniques and other techniques, disapproved by Google. .

And, of course, if you start to like it and want to learn all the secrets of this field, you can go to an SEO course or you can buy directly online one of the SEO courses available on the internet. You can buy some SEO books (just make sure they are up to date, meaning that they do not contain some SEO techniques that no one has used for a ton of years).

Also, if you are not sure that what you plan to do is exactly ok, you can always schedule an SEO consulting session with an expert, who will answer all your questions and concerns, or you can even pay a certain price because someone with experience to do an audit of your site and have a starting point for professional SEO optimization that you want for your site.

One last tip before the end: if you decide to use the services of an agency, do not choose SEO optimization services in Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Iasi… or the city you are from.


The location is not so important.

You live in the 21st century. You have a mobile phone, email, Whatsapp, the possibility of video conferencing, TeamViewer. Location is no longer an issue.

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