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How do Social Networks Improve your SEO?

Social Networks Improve your SEO

How do Social Networks Improve your SEO?

Have you noticed that the best-placed articles in the SERPs have a lot of "likes" and "shares"? Indeed, a study carried out in 2018 by Hoot suite showed that articles that can be shared on social media saw a 22% increase in their traffic.

How do Social Networks Improve your SEO?

In 2020, SEO and social networks have become inseparable. In this article, you will find the key methods to improve your SEO strategy using social networks.

  • The impact of social media on SEO
  • The importance of social networks

Search engines have evolved with the web. The introduction of social networking and blogging has changed the way search engines measure a site's relevance and popularity. Before, link building was the major component of SEO.

Today, content marketing and social engagement are becoming just as important as links. Through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, among others, each individual is free to give his opinion. And that pleases! More than one in two French people pass 1h20 per day on social networks in France.

In all, 3.4 billion Internet users use social networks around the world. Optimizing your visibility on social networks is therefore a huge challenge these days.


The impact of content on SEO

To improve your SEO strategy through social media, you need to start by improving your visibility. You can do this by buying Instagram followers, partnering with influencers, or creating non-advertising content.

As you will understand, a strong presence on social media is a very effective way to maintain your relationships with your followers. By posting relevant content and sharing it on a regular basis, you will quickly be seen as an influencer in your domain. Bloggers and other content creators will be more likely to share your posts and insert external links to your articles.


How do social networks boost your SEO?

1. They allow massive sharing of information

Social media is the perfect place to share content. They allow the user to show their commitment and appreciation for a brand. Whether it is texts, photos or videos, content must be shared as often as possible on all platforms.

Depending on the social networks used, you will not reach the same target. Therefore, the more you diversify your networks, the more your target is extended. To give you some key indicators published by LK Conseils in 2017:  57% of French internet users are active on Facebook, 64% of 15-34 year olds are active on YouTube and 77% of women use Pinterest.


2. They make Internet users aware of your brand

Social media also helps build brand awareness. Responding to comments, questions or opinions are all elements that help strengthen your brand's notoriety. Additionally, options like Paid Ads and Sponsored Posts make it possible to reach an even larger, but still targeted audience.


3. They generate social commitment

Their finest quality! Social networks offer the possibility of bringing together local players around your brand. This can be done in different ways: create Instagram contests or surveys, publish stories (on Facebook or Instagram) or even play on seasonality and visuals.


4. They promote the proliferation of external links

For this, you must offer quality content, carrier of value. Thus, other users will share your page or site on their own networks and the seers of your SEO will be green.


The benefits of buying followers on Facebook & Instagram

A few words on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the most influential social network on the Internet. It has 2.2 billion members, or about 25% of the world's population. It is estimated that more than 4,100 statuses are broadcast every second, 1.8 thousand likes every minute and 10 billion messages sent daily.

Instagram is a mobile application bringing together more than a billion active users, including 500 million who log on every day. According to Similar web, it is the most frequented social network after Facebook. Finally, Instagram can generate four times more interactions than Facebook.


The benefits of buying social media followers

A general increase in online visibility

Certainly having thousands of followers on Instagram will make your account a place of interest on the web. Users will start to take an interest in you, your brand and your values. Nowadays, Instagram users are giving their opinion. For you, it is very important since they influence their communities. Keep in mind that buying Instagram followers is a good marketing strategy that instantly improves your online presence.


Save time and money

When you think about the amount of money and the effort it takes to develop your social networks in a natural way, you are already discouraged. Buying Instagram or Facebook followers is an affordable way to boost your account and follower growth.


An opportunity to get more customers

No matter what type of business you run, increasing your subscriber base can drive more customers to your online store. Don't forget to fill your profile description with a short catchy story and add a link to your website biography.


Data that inspires confidence

Proximity what offers social media makes these platforms a great place to shop. Interact with your followers, show them your interest in what they think and write! Showcase their tastes and ideas. Your potential buyers need to feel close to you.


To conclude

To recap, social networks are more influential today than ever.  They allow you to trade, sell and build your network. To nurture your social media presence, you need to deliver relevant content on a regular basis. Also, you need to get closer to your audience and be creative. Finally, by buying followers on Facebook and Instagram, you will gain visibility.

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