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Do You Want Quality SEO Services In 2021?

Do You Want Quality SEO Services In 2021

 Do You Want Quality SEO Services In 2021? Here's How to Choose Them

Want to know more about what SEO is and how it helps you grow your online business?

Would you like your site to be easier for potential customers to find?

Do you have a site and are wondering how you can optimize it for it to appear higher in Google?

Well, in this article you will find the answer to all these questions and more.


We will talk about the following things related to SEO optimization:

  • What do certain terms mean?
  • What does SEO optimization of a website entail?
  • How do you find an SEO company that knows what it does to have professional SEO services?

In particular, I wanted to include in this article boxes with the definition of specific SEO terms and the answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive when talking to our clients, to help you with punctual answers, regardless of whether you hear the term SEO for the first time or you already know what it's about.

Now, if you have already heard of SEO (and you know at least what it means: search engine optimization - site optimization for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and you have already created a site, you have 3 options:

  Do You Want Quality SEO Services In 2021?

You can choose to learn SEO yourself, step by step, going to SEO courses in Bucharest (or in the locality where you live - if such courses are organized there) or following an online course.

To go safe, appealing to professionals from the start. In this case, you will start looking for some SEO agencies on Google, or you will turn to knowledge for recommendations from such agencies, to identify the right SEO optimization company for your current needs and requirements.

A combination of the two. You turn to a consulting meeting with an SEO specialist, who will show you exactly what the "problems" of your site are and advise you in what order you should fix them. You learn SEO and just apply the suggested techniques.

Which of them you will choose depends strictly on you, on the time you want to spend learning, applying and testing all kinds of SEO techniques on your site and on the marketing budget you have.

But as a general rule, expect a direct relationship between the time you want to spend optimizing the website you own and the money you need to take out of pocket to pay a professional SEO agency to help you. In your attempt to rank your site above on Google.

If you are willing to spend more time doing this activity and not another to grow your business, you will pay less or not at all (although "not at all"

If you want to dedicate more time to the activities that you like and that you are good at and do not end up bringing cash-flow (money) in your company, leaving a professional SEO company to deal with, expect to get a certain the amount of money in your pocket, monthly, in the form of a subscription .

And if you are part of this second category, read on carefully, because I will give you some advice and at the same time I will "educate" you a little in terms of SEO for you to choose the perfect company for your needs.

It happens to me quite often to talk to prospects interested in the SEO services we offer, here at Easy iTech… and when I ask her:


"Why do I want this type of service?"

  • The answer is usually: well, that's what I heard it's good to do.
  • That's why I thought the first thing you need to know is…
  • What does SEO mean?
  • What SEO Means

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process by which you make changes to the content and web design of your site to make it appear in the results displayed following the searches that people do on Google or other search engines.

Search engine optimization will allow your site to improve its visibility organically (to be seen / discovered by more people interested in what you offer on the site, without having to pay money for advertising).


This is just the first question and answer to it.

Read them. Reflect on them. Then make the appropriate decisions to optimize your site as efficiently as possible!


What are the benefits of SEO?

  • 70% of the links accessed by users are from organic listings
  • 80% of users focus on organic results and not on ads
  • 75% of users only access the first page of the results displayed by the search engine

In conclusion:

  • SEO will improve the visibility of your brand online
  • You will increase the credibility and trust that your target market segment gives you
  • SEO will bring you more visitors to the organic site (unpaid) and therefore more sales
  • The profitability rate of an SEO campaign is often much higher than the PPC type (paid advertising)

By trying to improve your site to be liked by search engines, you will also improve the experience of visitors who stop on it.

  • Is SEO free?
  • “It depends.”

You might expect a more concrete answer, but it all depends on how you look at things.

 So, there are two options:

Yes - if you learn and do your own SEO for your site.

No - because even if you do it yourself and you don't lose money, you lose time and lack of knowledge or the gaps you have, they can make you make mistakes that will bring you penalties from Google.

So our advice: if you have a marketing budget, let the SEO professionals do their job and you do the thing you know best during this time, so that your business grows beautifully.


How important is SEO in 2021?

SEO is important both now, in 2021, and in the years to come.

Learning SEO or starting a collaboration with an SEO agency is a crucial step you must take along the journey to growing your business online.

So, whether you want to attract more traffic to your business website or your personal blog, rely on SEO - because this has been the most stable source of traffic in the last 15 years.


Moreover, SEO gives credibility and trust to your audience in your brand.

And in 2021, the game of trust and credibility is more important than ever, especially now, with the transition from http to https.

This means that the ultimate goal of a well-thought-out SEO campaign would be to create that trust and credibility in our site:


Both for Google

As well as for our target market segment.

In 2021, the focus on providing visitors with the most enjoyable experience possible (user-centered online marketing, needs, desires and preferences) and SEO, achieved simultaneously, are the key to the long-term success of your business.


How many types of SEO are there?

There are 3 types of SEO that are good to keep in mind when creating an organic ranking strategy on Google.


Here they are:

  • SEO on page,
  • SEO off page yes
  • Technical SEO

What you need to do is divide your SEO efforts into these 3 categories, in order to have a solid starting point in the execution of the optimization plan for Google of your site.


What is on-page SEO optimization?

On page SEO means SEO done on the pages of your site.

It consists of:

  • writing / rewriting the titles of your pages using keywords,
  • creating meta descriptions,
  • creating meta tags,
  • creating user-friendly urls,
  • the inclusion of headings (subtitles) and
  • keywords relevant to the topics covered on that site,
  • SEO optimization of existing photos on the site and
  • creating links that lead from one article to another on the site with a similar topic.

What is off page SEO optimization?

Off page SEO refers to all SEO techniques performed outside of your site (on other sites) to improve your site's position in search engines.


Here are some of them:

  • getting backlinks,
  • relevance of links,
  • developing relationships with influencers in your market segment,
  • presence on social media sites, etc.
  • What types of SEO services does your site need?
  • To know this, it is good to talk to an SEO specialist and ask for an SEO audit of your site.


Of course, if you have already chosen a company to collaborate with for this type of service, SEO auditing is often the first step you will take to determine exactly what your site optimization needs are. To make the "battle plan".


Who to contact: a local company or an SEO agency in Bucharest (or the locality where you live)

The short and to the point answer: to an agency you can rely on.


Yes. You heard right.

It doesn't matter that you found an agency that offers SEO services in Bucharest, in Timisoara or in any other city you live in.

You can choose SEO optimization services from anywhere in Romania as long as an important criterion is met: you can trust the quality of the services that that company provides.


What you are interested in finding is:


an SEO agency that uses only white hat SEO techniques (in no case black hat SEO - techniques not approved by Google that can attract you penalties in time)

and which tracks the recorded results

and analyze them in order to make decisions in order to improve the ranking of your site from one month to another.

How do you know that you have chosen a company with professional SEO services?

Here are 6 tricks to use when choosing to make sure you make the best decision:


Ask for case studies and examples of SEO campaigns, to the respective companies

Below you can see some of the results recorded by Easy iTech clients, taking different time intervals:


Professional seo services 1 website - 3 month statistics

seo services romania website - 12 month statistics website - statistics for 16 months

Check if that agency ranks well on important terms in that area on Google. If they have failed to improve their own ranking, they are unlikely to do so for your company

seo services

After the keyword “online store promotion “ appears on position 1.

Google site promotion

After the keyword “google site promotion “ appears on position 2.

Balance if it's worth the risks you face when choosing agents with cheap SEO services. Sometimes the cheapest price can cost you the future of your business

Avoid SEO agencies that guarantee that they can give you a certain position in Google. No one knows exactly what changes Google will make in the future and as a result, such promises are just words in the wind.

Familiarize yourself with the notions of SEO and everything that involves and establish a budget that you will give to this activity, in order to later realize the profitability of this activity.

Is it worth doing SEO or is there money thrown out the window?

Although when we talk about running SEO campaigns we are talking about long-term results, the organic ranking of a site at the forefront of the results displayed by search engines continues to bring benefits.


Therefore, the time and effort dedicated to this activity are not in vain. 

At Easy iTech, every time a client crosses the threshold of our digital agency, in the initial discussion we explain that a long-term SEO strategy is more advantageous from a financial point of view, because the site attracts more clicks than in the case of PPC ads. . 

At the same time, prospects have more confidence in the information they find organically on Google compared to the ads they see when they search on Google. 

And of course, if at some point they stopped paying for PPC advertising, no one would know about the existence of their company.

At the same time, the rankings obtained on Google, organically, through SEO, will bring them benefits again and again as long as the pages after which they rank well will continue to maintain an advantageous position in the rankings.


Does Google offer SEO services?

Answer: Google does not offer SEO services.

Instead, Google provided us with the list of 200 factors that its algorithm takes into account when deciding which site to display in its ranking and in which position.

It's up to you or the online marketing agency in charge of SEO for your site to follow exactly the "Google rules".

Everything Google offers you in terms of paid promotion channels is Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords ).

Here, by paying for PPC advertising, your site can appear in the top positions on Google quickly and securely.


What are the top 10 SEO tricks that can improve your Google ranking?

  • Optimize SEO page and post titles (Meta Titles)
  • Use keywords in your site
  • Fill in the ALT tags when you upload pictures to the site
  • Create a sitemap for your site
  • Make sure your site looks good on your mobile (be mobile responsive)
  • Do not use flash in the design of your site?
  • Update your information on the site regularly
  • Use simple, short urls for your site links
  • Increase your number of backlinks naturally
  • Keep track of progress you register

If you are interested in an SEO campaign that will bring you results, then Easy iTech is the ideal online marketing agency for you.


Contact us now and let's lay the foundations of a fruitful and beautiful collaboration.


What does SEO mean?

SEO (search engine optimization) means the process by which you make changes to the content and web design of your site to make it appear in the results displayed by searches that people do on Google or other search engines.

Search engine optimization will allow your site to improve its visibility organically (to be seen / discovered by more people interested in what you offer on the site, without having to pay money for advertising).


What does link building mean?

Link building is the process by which you make other websites put a link to your site.

Building backlinks is one of the many tactics used in the process of optimizing the site because Google considers that they (the backlinks) represent the guarantee that the site (to which the backlinks are placed) is a quality one.


What does SEO optimization mean? What activities does site optimization include for Google?

SEO companies constantly carry out activities within their service packages to ensure that your site improves its online visibility from one month to the next.

The SEO services that are provided monthly for your site may include (depending on the type of package you opt for):


  • detailed keyword analysis and establishing an action strategy,
  • blogging services (writing SEO optimized articles in the blog section of the site),
  • link building campaigns,
  • on-page SEO optimization for pages and posts (articles on the site),
  • increase the loading speed of the site,
  • adding an SSL certificate,
  • ensuring the compatibility of the site with mobile phones (all elements of the site are mobile responsive),
  • image optimization,
  • optimization for local searches on Google Maps etc.
  • How much does an SEO optimization cost? How much money does an SEO agency take from you?
  • The answer: it depends.

Yes, I know, it's not exactly the answer you're looking for, but it's good to know that the price of SEO services can vary quite a lot, from one agency to another (depending on the experience and seniority of that company). As well as depending on the volume of work involved in SEO optimization in terms of that site.

As a result, even if you don't like to wait, it's best to send a quote request to several SEO companies and describe in that request exactly how you want that company to help you increase your company's visibility and what your expectations are.

This is the only way you will be able to receive offers personalized to your needs and you will be able to make the final choice of the agency to collaborate with.

In principle, expect to pay prices starting from 500 lei and up to 2500-5000 lei or even more depending on the complexity of the SEO campaign that you will run with the help of that agency.

How are SEO services paid for?

In our experience, when it comes to the price of SEO services, there are 2 types of packages:

The one where you pay a monthly fee for SEO and the company takes care of SEO for your site following an initially established SEO strategy and the package in which the payment is made per project - here we refer to certain SEO optimization techniques that are done only once, within the site, where it is needed.

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