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Scanning Barcodes ProGlove to Save Time in Business


Scanning Barcodes ProGlove to Save Time in Business

A Connected Scanning Barcodes Glove to Save Time in Business: For some professionals, every second counts, especially on assembly lines and in warehouses. Discover the ProGlove connected glove to optimize your time.

For some professionals, every second counts. This is especially the case on assembly lines and in warehouses. All innovations are therefore good to take and together, they can save a brand time and gain in competitiveness.

 Scanning Barcodes ProGlove to Save Time in Business

In this register there is the technology of the startup ProGlove. It offers gloves with an integrated scanner, thus preventing employees from carrying bulky tools.

An innovative tool for scanning barcodes

Many workers are now forced to bring a scanner that is not always easy to transport. This mobile accessory can both fall, be forgotten and waste precious seconds when many products have to be moved and scanned. However, this act is often essential to record the various gestures of a speaker and to organize his work.

With this in mind, ProGlove wishes to improve the daily lives of employees working in the industry. It is simply a professional glove onto which a scanner is grafted. The idea is very simple but you had to both think about it and develop it. The tool can also correspond to the integration in a company of a warehouse management WMS software such as that of Generix Group. Some might see here a new way to increase business productivity. But from the point of view of the employees, it can also and fortunately be seen as a tool to facilitate their work. A way to free part of their minds taken in watching over this mobile device.

The good idea is also to have created shortcuts to operate the scanner. Thus, it suffices to press the index finger against the thumb to use the glove. The scanner is of a minimum size but takes advantage of both sound and light signals, motion sensors but also a touch interface for example to check that an action has been taken into account.

In summary, several objectives are based on this ProGlove: it allows to save time, to have both hands free and not to worry about a moving object.


Large companies already under the spell of ProGlove

Several companies have already adopted ProGlove. This is the case of the manufacturer Audi, for example for its plant in Ingolstadt. BMW and Skoda also use it. For the startup and still in the automotive sector, the use of its connected glove would save twelve seconds per car on an assembly line.

The glove is offered to professionals for 1,000 euros. Like any connected object, this type of tool can benefit from updates. ProGlove is currently focusing its efforts on the development of the runtime software. Under the hood of this small connected object there is also an Intel module. The technologies of the future are gradually arriving and are really at the door of our daily professional as well as personal.


Using it for an inventory, the right solution?

ProGlove could be used for the complicated and heavy work of an inventory. It would save time but would not remove the repetitive aspect of this difficult job. To get around it, there are other means such as the inventory drone capable of detecting each tag in the air!

Eyes is the name of this flying machine that can handle this task in complete autonomy. If it has the advantage of being able to work at any time and continuously, it is still necessary to provide it with a complete map of the warehouse to be scanned.

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