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5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based Entrepreneurship

5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based Entrepreneurship

Tech trends 2021: 5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based entrepreneurship

What are the most important tech trends for the business sector in 2021? We asked Gert Jan ter Haar, Technical Product Management Manager at Samsung. He shares important tech developments for the small business market and SMEs. Which trends will take off in 2021? And how can entrepreneur’s best respond to this?

Developments in technology and digitization are moving at lightning speed. To be and remain successful, it is smart to go along with your company. You can expect this in the tech field next year:


Tech trend 1: 5G

Next year, 5G will take off enormously. It is a new technology that is 'maturing' and offers more and more possibilities for various applications. Ter Haar explains: 'At the moment only the high-end models are equipped with 5G. In 2021, more and more smartphones (including cheaper models) will be equipped with 5G support, then it will really become a mass market product. In terms of speed, this will not yield a lot of profit in 2021, because the correct frequencies for this (3.5 GHz) will not be auctioned until 2022. That does not mean that we cannot use 5G for other applications. 'On the contrary', says ter Haar. 'By purchasing a 5G device now, you are prepared for the future. 

One of the frequencies that is currently being used, the 700 MHz, has the advantage that it offers better indoor coverage. Operators will also introduce more and more new functionalities when they upgrade their networks. 'Users will notice that they experience a lower latency. We will also see more improvements in the field of IoT (making more connections possible) and network slicing (specific network part for certain applications) next year. '

"The network will be faster, more robust and more reliable, companies will really reap the benefits."

What possibilities does 5G offer for your company? Ter Haar says about this: 'You clearly notice an improvement in the field of communication, for example in the field of track & trace'. Transport companies simply switch to the public 5G network. For example, they can automatically send data to pass on track and trace data to customers, for example. Do you transport perishable foods? Then the cargo hold also reads and regulates the temperature or humidity. Are you willing to make this investment as a company? 'That is a consideration you have to make,' says ter Haar.

 5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based Entrepreneurship

Data is already very important at the moment, but will become even more important in 2021. The shift is already demonstrable in many areas at the moment. You used to be satisfied with customer data and purchasing behavior that you could extract from the data. Nowadays you see that more and more companies have their entire business processes taken over by data and AI thereto add. Ter Haar: 'The possibilities with data are endless. It is important that the data is processed in the right way, so that it really benefits you as a company. 

AI is already being used on a large scale for this. We will see more and more applications next year, where customers are served by 'chatbots' that provide information through AI. Such as an insurer that has set up its claims process via AI. Customers submit the claim via chat and within minutes the money will be in the account. An automated process examines the submitted data and tests it against existing data. There is no longer an insurance agent involved, everything is automated. And we will only see that more in 2021. '

 5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based Entrepreneurship

As a company, you will ever get to the point where the amount of data is no longer manageable. Then it is nice if an automated process can take most of the work off your hands. Due to all this data and analyzes, more and more business processes and professional groups are being automated. This development can be applied in various branches. Certainly branches where the business process is a fixed process, and where the same outcome is often observed. 

'When emotions or deviating matters come into play, it becomes more difficult,' says ter Haar. 'If your customer wants to renew his subscription, no employee needs to be involved. A chatbot offers a solution to handle the first phase. With the correct customer data and, for example, an analysis of the customer's user behavior, the chatbot can make a proposal for a new subscription or extension.


AI will also be used to an increasing extent to respond to customer needs, which is still a lot of effort at the moment. ”


Are there risks to that automated process? For example, does it encourage fraud? Ter Haar says about this: 'You can also turn it around. You can eliminate the entire risk of fraud, as it were, by automating everything. Making mistakes is human, but if you can replace that piece with AI, that's a big advantage. You include that risk in your implementation process. It is not efficient for small companies to perform their own analyzes. 

But systems are getting smarter. In 2021, ready-made solutions will be introduced that you can purchase as an entrepreneur without having to dive into the data yourself. An example are the software packages for salary processing. By means of a monthly subscription you can purchase services that take the work off your hands.


Tech trend 3: Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a trend that will hopefully make a difference in 2021. 'If that happens, it will become more important than Virtual Reality', is the expectation of ter Haar. 'We have seen great applications of this, but unfortunately turned out not to be suitable for a broad market. You are completely cut off from the outside world and don't get much of the environment. The advantage of AR is that you are not completely isolated from your environment and can participate with several people in, for example, a meeting or digital drink. 

This development will also develop more in retail. Applications such as glasses or smartphone add an extra dimension to that experience. Via a smartphone or tablet, customers can try out products or services before purchasing them. This trend continues in traditional channels. Car companies and interior shops can digitally visualize their offer via AR. A good screen and camera are essential here. It is realistic and brings a lot of convenience with it, 'says ter Haar.


“Products come to life with your smartphone. It gives that little bit extra, especially in these times when it is difficult to go to the store. ”


As an entrepreneur, you respond best to this by placing products in an environment in which customers use them. 2021 will also be the year in which AR glasses are on the rise. Does Microsoft's Google Glass or HoloLens sound familiar to you? These have already more than proven their usefulness in previous years and will expand further next year. Do you have an installation company? Project a manual on a display or glasses while you are working. But order pickers also benefit from this development. Navigation allows you to efficiently pick orders.


Tech trend 4: Smart Home

This trend will be easier to apply and more affordable for many companies in 2021. More and more parties are offering smart products. Philips was a forerunner with its lighting. Ter Haar: 'Now that even parties such as IKEA, Lidl and Action are entering the field of Smart Home, more and more people will apply this in their home or business. The smartphone and tablet play a crucial role in this, as they function as a portal to your Smart Home. Everything works together in a smart way. ' A smart lock on your office building and your company car? We will all see it next year, says ter Haar.


To support this trend even better in 2021, Samsung has added Ultra Wide Band (UWB) to some of their smartphones. UWB is a technology like Bluetooth and can determine the location even more precisely. UWB works like a kind of radar that constantly scans its surroundings for devices that send out UWB signals. With this technology you can, for example, find your keys accurately to the centimeter by means of a smart tag (tracker). But also accurate indoor navigation or locks that open automatically when you are in the area or close when you leave are visions of the future.

5G, AI, Data Mining, AR, Smart home and Cloud Based Entrepreneurship

Ter Haar outlines the following scenario: 'You can furnish your entire office with smart products. All individual products are brought together into 1 smart whole, where you can set different scenes for various events or situations. Are you going out the door? Then your heating and lighting also switch off. Does the weather report say it is going to rain? Then you set your lamps so that they emit a certain color, so that you know it will be a rainy day. 

You can also operate alarm systems and locks using this technology. In the long run, you will no longer need to use a key, but you will enter via your smartphone, completely personalized. You do not waste extra energy if you are not physically present in the room and ultimately provide convenience. Especially if you add a speech component to that, like a Google Home. A touchless office where you operate all electronics with your voice is not only easier, but also more hygienic. Especially if we start working more hybrid next year. '


Tech trend 5: Cloud based everything

Next year we will see more and more cloud-based services, services and platforms. All of the trends highlighted above will largely move in the cloud. Ter Haar: 'Content is in the cloud, calculations are done in the cloud and hosting takes place in the cloud. Games are no longer bought physically, but streamed on a capable device (good screen and fast connection). 

Heavy business applications will also be streamed from the cloud and visible on a large screen via your smartphone. Samsung Dex is a good example of this - a docking station that transforms your smartphone into a desktop by connecting the phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. '

More and more companies and applications are moving to a cloud service. The current pandemic will only accelerate this process. Customers want to be able to access their favorite content anywhere, anytime, without any conditions. Not only for work, but also for relaxation, such as music, a series or a game. Important criteria is a super-fast and stable internet connection. Unlimited data bundles fly over the counter. 

Everything is streamed and games can also be downloaded from the cloud from 2021. Physical drives disappear and complete business processes run through this digital and secure environment. All you need is the hardware, such as a keyboard and mouse and a stable internet connection. You can work at the office or from home with any device. And this will be much cheaper from next year. You pay a fixed amount per month in a subscription form. This way you no longer need an expensive license, but you rent access to the cloud on a monthly basis. This trend is also reflected in the corporate network and telephone exchange. No more physical plants, but everything safely in the cloud.

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