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10 Tips to Increase Computer Speed


10 tips to increase computer speed

10 tips to increase computer speed

Is your computer very slow?

Nothing is more annoying than using your computer and seeing how slowly it is every time! The pages take forever to open, it sometimes bugs and in short, it wastes a lot of time!

 10 Tips to Increase Computer Speed

Before launching your computer out of the window, first know that it is possible to carry out certain techniques in order to increase its speed.

1. Clean your hard drive

It is very important to regularly clean your hard drive. Every time you go on the web, open email attachments, or delete files, your computer records everything you do, so your hard drive quickly becomes cluttered. To clean your hard drive, click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and finally Disk Cleanup.


2. Defragment the computer for better performance

Defragmenting your computer will improve its performance. To do this, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, and System Tools and finally click on Defragment. This process might take a little while so plan to be a little patient.


3. Remove spyware from your computer

These software can be very irritating. They bring up all kinds of windows, they modify certain parameters of your computer in addition to being often downloaded without your knowledge. If so, don't worry, you can remove this type of software. To do this, you can use Spybot software.


4. Uninstall unused programs from your PC

If you uninstall old programs that you no longer use, your computer will probably run faster afterwards. On the other hand, you have to be careful not to delete the bad files. To uninstall certain programs, click on Start and then on Programs. Once there, click on the software you want to uninstall. If the uninstall function does not appear, click on Start, Control Panel and finally Add / Remove Programs.


5. Have high speed internet

If you use the internet a lot, it will be helpful for you to have high speed internet. Everything will go faster! Your pages will open faster, you will also download faster and waste less time!


6. Disable the indexing service

This is a very heavy consumer of your system! Its role is to create an index of the contents and properties of the files. If you have Windows XP, you can turn off this feature. To do this, click on Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools and finally on Services. Then right-click Indexing Services and click Properties. Next to Startup type, select Disabled and then click Apply and OK.


7. Remove visual effects from Windows

Using all the visual effects in Windows uses up a lot of your system resources. To change these visual effects, click Start, Control Panel, System, and Advanced tab. Then, in the Performance section, click Settings.


8. Improve memory usage

Your PC's cache memory is powered by Cacheman. If you run several programs at the same time, the memory will quickly become insufficient. That is why you can use what is called Cacheman to fix the process.


9. Optimize your internet connection

To do this, you can use the TCP / IP Optimizer software. Download and install it as directed. Then click on General Settings and select your connection speed. Go to Network Adapter selection and choose the interface used by your connection. Then click on Optimal Settings and click on Apply Change. Then reboot your computer.


10. Disable the wallpaper

And yes! Wallpaper for your background on your desktop consumes a lot of memory and can therefore slow down your computer! To uninstall your wallpaper, go to your desktop and with the right mouse button select the Properties option. Then click on Desktop, select none in the background box and click ok. ( 10 Tips to Increase Computer Speed )

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