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10 Tips to be Popular on Youtube

10 Tips to be Popular on Youtube

 10 Tips to be Popular on Youtube

How to quickly become popular on Youtube? Who does not know Youtube today? Young and old all know very well this online video platform where music videos, stunts, funny videos, kitten videos, makeup tutorials and much more compete for the first places on the site's home page.

  10 Tips to be Popular on Youtube

Many of these videos have made a multitude of people popular with their different talents! 10-Tips offers you today 10 tips and advice to be popular and increase the number of views on Youtube!

1. Being unique and true is important on Youtube!

Being real and authentic is something extremely important in the quest for popularity on Youtube but also on other social networks.


How do you want to be popular, get more likes and increase Youtube views if you copy the style and content of other Youtubers?


A person's charisma and authenticity is extremely important, especially for those who make videos and tutorials online.


So if you want to stand out from the hundreds and thousands of other YouTubers, be one of a kind!


2. Reach people with real topics!

The touching and inspiring videos are very popular on Youtube and are extremely shared elsewhere online!


This tip joins the previous one, it is necessary to reach people, to be true, to be sensitive and to speak about subjects which touch and interest Internet users.


3. Being funny is very important to attract Internet users!

Humor is a big part of all videos posted on Youtube and everywhere online. You only have to look at the growing popularity of TikTok to realize how popular humor and videos are with Internet users.


People need to laugh and decompress, especially after a busy day at work or school!

5. Tutorials still very popular on Youtube

People like to learn and discover simply and easily, which is why tutorials on Youtube are so popular and loved by Internet users today, in 2020!


So if you have any talent (computers, makeup, hairstyling, video games or whatever), explain to people all your tips and advice on this subject.


Here are some ideas for topics to create your own tutorials:


  • Makeup tutorial
  • Hairstyle tutorial
  • Photoshop tutorial and editing
  • Crochet, knitting and sewing tutorial
  • Drawing tutorial
  • Minecraft tutorial and other video games
  • DIY and DIY tutorial

6. Some practical advice to have more views on Youtube:

Share your videos on social networks

Want to get more views on the videos you post to YouTube? Well, share them via your social networks! Share them for example on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and without forgetting TikTok. One thing leading to another, your videos will flow from person to person reaching thousands of views quickly.

  • A good title and a good description for his videos
  • Put on titles that will catch the eye and pique people's curiosity!

Also write a brief, but complete and meaningful description of your Youtube video. So about 2 or 3 descriptive lines with then the links of your sites or social networks, the additional information and of course the credits of the video (names of the music for example).


Choose good tags (keywords)

Tags are keywords. It will be easier for users to spot your videos if you have tagged them when posting to Youtube.


Respond to comments on Youtube

Taking the time to answer people's comments and questions will also make a name for yourself. People will appreciate what you present more.


Post good and high quality videos

For good image quality, always put your videos in HD. And at the end of your titles, add HD to make it more appealing. 720p or 1080p is a minimum today on Youtube and elsewhere online.


Indeed, for videos to be popular, liked and shared, they must be at least pleasant to watch. So have a clear image, which does not move too much as well as a pleasant sound to the ears, especially if you are a singer or presenting videos of your band.


Make regular videos

If you make a video and find that it is hugely popular, just keep making it over and over again. Thus, you will have an audience and you will quickly make yourself known on Youtube.

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