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Definition of White paper

Definition of White paper

Definition of White paper: The white papers are distributed mainly on the Internet. They are documents that provide users with factual data and information about a product, process or study.


What is a white paper? Detailed definition:

White papers are documents, primarily developed by companies to provide technical information, factual data, and research, performance, or process results. Their aim is to inform readers quickly and accurately, by presenting well-argued theories and concepts. They are written in a formal style. The volume of a white paper is usually limited to a few pages. The most frequently developed content is as follows:

 Definition of White paper

• Tutorials

• Practical cases / case study

• Information and key figures

• Description of process

• Thesis proven or refuted

• Study results

• Predictions and hypotheses


White paper target

White papers are used for informational purposes, but also to meet public relations purposes. Their vocation is both to explain a (new) fact, the manufacture or launch of a product or even a given process. They serve both to inform readers and to persuade customers. On the other hand, the high added value content provided by white papers helps companies to position themselves as experts in a specific field. Not only does this content increase the notoriety of its author, by being widely distributed on the web, but it can also convince the reader of the know-how and transparency of a company, while providing them with new leads.

Language, content and form

White papers are preferably used in the field of B2B communication. This means that readers of white papers are often experts or people with in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand. White papers are therefore written in a scientific and supported style, which tends to demonstrate a high level of competence. Typically, white papers are available for download in PDF format.

White papers should only exceed a certain length if this is justified by the content being addressed. Since they are intended to provide a quick and clear overview on a complex issue, white papers are usually two to 15 pages long. Because of their purpose, the information given must be as clear as it is concise. Stylistically, advertising phrases and marketing language don't fit into a white paper. Nevertheless, the latter are suitable for the detailed and argued description of the advantages of a given product or process. The content of a white paper can be strategically designed to more easily convince readers of the merits of a product.



The construction of a white paper can follow this pattern:

• Title, cover page, etc.

• Summary of content

• Problem / thesis aimed at being explained or refuted

• Explanation of the problem / presentation of the facts

• Solution to the problem (through the use of a product or service of the company) / proof or refutation of the thesis

• Conclusion

• Annex (description of the company, “about the author” and contact)



White papers are expert content dealing with a product, process, or technical or scientific advance. They are addressed to readers with professionalism and seriousness and assert themselves as a decision aid or a source of information, while ensuring the promotion of the company which is at the origin of it. Companies offer free downloads of white papers in PDF format in order to make their target audience aware of a given problem while demonstrating their expertise. White papers are therefore often used as part of a content marketing strategy. 

Short Definition Featured Snippet


Short Definition Featured Snippet

Short Definition Featured snippet

A featured snippet answers a question directly after it has been entered into Google's search box. The content of the response is usually taken directly from a website. It is clear that this position, clearly visible, is very attractive. This is why featured snippets are particularly interesting when you want to optimize your content for search engines.


Featured snippets: detailed explanation

Nothing beats the top position on Google, right? When it comes to ranking, this wisdom isn't quite true. Because there are featured snippets, which correspond to position 0 at Google. In other words, featured snippets come before SERP, which occupies position 1, and expensive AdWords ads. It's clear that website maintainers are wondering how to rank 0 on Google.


By the way, featured snippets are often confused with rich snippets. But the two elements are different:


- We call rich snippet the short text which describes the content of a page and which is generally placed in the meta-description of a page. It consists of around 150 characters.

- A featured snippet provides the answer to the question "What is ...?" This answer may be a little longer. 40 to 50 words is ideal. A featured snippet only appears at the top of the results if the user typed a question directly into the search box and didn't just use the keyword.


How to get to position 0?

What responses have the characteristics that allow them to appear as a featured snippet? Google itself provides the answer in the Search Quality Assessment Guidelines. The appropriate answers must meet the following criteria: it must be a passage with accurate and complete information, which answers the question posed in one or two sentences and which can fit on the screen of a mobile phone.

Numbered lists or bulleted lists are popular as Google snippets. They are clearer than plain text and are particularly useful for giving instructions.


The trigger terms

You have a question? Ask Google. Just type the question in the search box and you will get an answer. This is particularly useful for the user who finds his answers directly in the list of results of Google. This feature eliminates the need to click to view the content of results pages. Featured snippets are not generated by Google itself, but borrowed from different sites. The choice of answers is based on keywords, which Google recognizes and which serve as triggers.


The trigger terms are part of the question. This is for example:

“How can I…”

“What the…?

“How?’Or' What…? "


Google relates these trigger words to terms that introduce a solution, such as:

"Use ..."

"Click on ..."

"Write ..."


When creating content for your own website, therefore, it is important to use these trigger words, along with terms that suggest a solution, and associate them with the keyword. Google then recognizes that these are questions and answers.


What criteria qualify the content for position 0?

The general SEO rules apply to featured snippets. Indeed, their content is often taken from sites that are already in the top five positions of Google. It is therefore useful to check the existing content (and possibly summarize or shorten it) to see if it is suitable in form and content for a question / answer system.


A few tips:

- When creating content, make sure it answers questions.

- If possible, use lists and tables.

- Enter the content that answers the question in a separate section.

- A text of 40 to 50 words is perfectly suited.


It is important to choose the formatting of the response: numbered list, bulleted list, tables. Thus, if the Internet user is looking for instructions (“How does it work? If the question asks the engine about characteristics (properties of an article, symptoms of a disease, for example), it is better to choose a bulleted list. For product or price comparisons, which are very popular with Internet users, the table form is essential.


SEO and featured snippets: curse or blessing?

Featured snippets don't just have positive SEO effects. When the user sees content that answers the question directly on the search results list, there is no more reason to visit the site. So featured snippets are traffic killers? Actually no. Because the visibility that a featured snippet gives to your site will in most cases lead to a significant increase in the click-through rate.


Two arguments show that qualifying content for a featured snippet has positive effects:


1. The Internet user's interest in a direct answer in position 0 is at least 10 times higher than an entry in the list of search results on page 1 of Google.


2. It is true that the number of clicks on the organic search result (if it is on page 1 on Google) is reduced. However, this phenomenon is offset by clicks on the featured snippet.

The answer contained in featured snippets is relatively short and summary. Often he has a photo, but of course it is not possible to provide all the information. Internet users who want to know more will click on the site link, which will increase traffic.

If you still want to prevent Google from using your own content for a featured snippet, you only need one line of code in the header, which works like a nofollow link:


meta name = "googlebot" content = "nosnippet"


In summary

Featured snippets are rightly a new trend in SEO. Although part of the answer is revealed, featured snippets generate a lot of traffic. As Google likes to use this increasingly popular language search system, the potential as a traffic booster is enormous. Anyone who occasionally creates content for his site in the form: "short question - quick answer", therefore practices future-oriented referencing.

Definition of Guerilla Marketing


Definition of Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing: Brief Definition

Guerilla Marketing is an innovative communication strategy whose principle of action is based on the effect of surprise. The tactics employed often use, particularly attractive, creative ideas; at the same time, advertisers are trying to communicate their messages through unconventional Marketing tools. As a result, Guerilla Marketing typically requires only a modest budget to achieve maximum impact.


What is Guerilla Marketing? Detailed definition

The term "Guerilla Marketing" was coined by American marketing specialist Jay Conrad Levinson in the 1980s. It is a borrowing from military vocabulary. “Guerrilla” strategies refer to a kind of warfare designed to weaken a targeted enemy by deploying unconventional techniques. Guerilla Marketing therefore aims to obtain a competitive advantage, through the use of atypical marketing strategies.

Definition of Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is considered unconventional because it renounces traditional advertising strategies in favor of unorthodox approaches, the latter being particularly associated with direct and personal contacts obtained through non-media communications.


During a Guerilla Marketing campaign, advertising is deliberately placed on objects and in places where consumers do not expect to find it at all. Thus, the opportunities offered by this type of advertising are almost endless, ranging from advertising on everyday objects such as coasters, escalators or public facilities, to “street marketing” actions, such as than “flash-mob” events. These innovative forms of advertising work on an emotional level as they cause the targeted people to laugh or surprise.

Guerilla Marketing can have many different goals, but it is typically used to launch a brand or product, or to strengthen a company's branding.

In the past, Guerilla Marketing has often been used to promote new film productions and is also a common method of sports advertising. Since its offbeat approach attracts a high level of attention and can be effective even on a small budget, experts recommend using Guerilla Marketing to promote big brands, but also small and medium businesses, as well as for independent contractors.


Guerilla Marketing Tools

Guerilla Marketing tools are organized around different categories, but in practice the distinctions are more blurred. One generally distinguishes the ambient Marketing, the Marketing ambush, the emotional Marketing and Viral Marketing .


Ambient Marketing

The ambient marketing relies on deploying surprising advertising campaigns, affecting consumers in their everyday environment and normal. This method includes, among other things, the deployment of unusual advertising formats outdoors, in public spaces. Thus, Ambient Marketing includes innovative advertising campaigns in airports, buses and trains, or in restaurants. In such places, advertising can be, for example, positioned on coasters, postcards… or even the toilet seats in pubs and bars!


Marketing in ambush

The Marketing ambush, also known as imitation of Marketing, is to use the attention surrounding a topic or event for advertising purposes, to highlight a brand. This technique is frequently used in conjunction with large-scale events to achieve beneficial image transfer that can benefit the brand.

Ambush Marketing is understandably controversial, as this type of advertising relies primarily on an opportunistic association with a given event.


Emotional Marketing

The emotional Marketing also involves her unusual actions or dramatic demonstrations, conducted mostly on a point of sale. Emotional Marketing therefore functions as a promoter or a multiplier. Examples of Emotional Marketing operations include surprise fashion shows or flash mobs in pedestrian areas.


Viral Marketing

The Viral Marketing is also associated with Guerilla Marketing, insofar as it nourishes the objective to quickly obtain the greatest possible attention of a target group.

Viral Marketing aims to spread content virally, to reach a population of consumers through personal advice, word of mouth or online sharing, via social networks.


Examples of Guerilla Marketing campaigns

Many companies have used eye-catching Guerilla Marketing campaigns to draw attention to their brands or products. Thus, the movie "King Kong" was promoted through a huge imprint on the beach at the time of its launch. The mysterious disappearance of students in a Supernatural Wood was organized before the launch of the low budget film "The Blair Witch Project". And as another more distant example illustrates, the Mini brand has always devised new ways to engage with its audience through Guerilla Marketing.


Other examples of Guerilla Marketing

Colgate handed out some special popsicles to surprise them. When tasted, these ice creams revealed a wooden stick in the shape of a toothbrush, adorned with the Colgate brand logo.

The Beiersdorf group has placed blue double-textured sofas in its stores, displaying the logo of its Nivea brand: the upholstery has been designed to illustrate the difference between skin with cellulite and smooth skin.


McDonald's has turned a zebra crossing into a big fries.

Nike captured media attention by asking an 80-year-old runner wearing Nike gear to participate in an Adidas-sponsored marathon, with the goal of weakening the official sponsor's advertising impact.

To encourage customers to use rental cars as part of a rail strike, Sixt GDL car rental manager Claus Weselsky was quickly promoted to employee of the month by the group, which made it possible to its action to become an important topic of conversation.


Guerilla Marketing success factors

Beyond a truly creative idea, good planning and careful preparation determine the success of Guerilla Marketing campaigns. To reap laurels, it is also crucial to propose a “guerrilla” action adapted to the brand and the target group (“Brand Fit”). In addition, points of contact must be set up to enable consumers to react immediately to the planned action. For an optimal Guerilla Marketing campaign, it is recommended to put in place an action capable of engaging consumers and relayed in all media. In order to encourage the viral dissemination of the campaign, the target group should be approached to provide content on the Internet, for example by uploading photos to Pinterest.



Guerilla Marketing is a very creative advertising method that highlights products or brands using the element of surprise. Guerilla Marketing Different tools can be used such as ambient marketing, the emotional Marketing , the Marketing ambush and Viral Marketing.


The 7 Best Pocket Watches of 2021


Best Pocket Watches

The 7 best pocket watches of 2021 A timeless fashion accessory, the watch is suitable for both men and women. It adapts to various occasions, makes it possible to accessorize its outfit and modernize its style. However, it was at the end of the 19th century that the pocket watch established itself as an essential accessory for station masters. In carrying out their duties, they needed to keep an eye on the time in order to do their jobs as they should. Over the decades, the traditional watch has evolved, both in terms of design and functionality. There are many brands that are making a name for themselves in this busy industry. As time goes on and men's daily lives become more and more busy, keeping an eye on the weather and the clock has become necessary. But what type of watch should you choose according to your needs? What are the criteria to take into account? After a test of the different models, here we offer you a comparison of the best pocket watches on the market at the moment.


Pocket watch list of top 2021 products


What is a pocket watch?

Traditionally, a watch is used to tell the time to the nearest second. As the name suggests, a pocket watch normally fits in a pocket. There are models equipped with a chain, which hangs on the neck or on a belt . Usually, she doesn't have a bracelet. It is therefore not worn on the wrist like the modern versions. Even today, they have many followers.


Advantage and field of application

Originally, pocket watches were used by station masters who could not rely on the clock to perform their duties. In order for trains to be regular and on time, the small pocket clock was very useful.

Over time, the pocket watch has evolved a lot and has better additional functions. Several models are chronographs and can be used in the world of sport or catering.


What are the different types of pocket watches?

To date, there are different types of pocket watches on the market. In our comparison, we can classify them into five main categories.


Open space models

The Open space models are distinguished by their absence of cover. They can include several functions such as the stopwatch. Readability is very easy on this type of model.


Half-hunter models

Half-hunter pocket watches are protected by a cover with a hole. The window is protected, but it remains practical to tell the time by opening it.


Full hunter models

The full hunter watch is distinguished by its opaque cover. This one often sports decorations or engravings on the outside which embellish its design.


Double hunter models

Double hunter is a model that stands out from the others by the presence of covers on either side of the dial. It was made in this way to allow the user to read the time and admire the mechanism of the watch.


The double half-hunter models

There is yet another type of watch called a double half-hunter. It has a half-cover with a hole, handy for telling the time.


Example of product evaluation

Selected for their elegant design and remarkable finishes, the watches in this review are among the best of the moment.


Mudder 4331783156

Sober and elegant, Mudder 4331783156 deserves its place in our selection of the best pocket watch models. It displays impeccable finishes, and an ultra nice design. By its construction, this classic pocket watch perfectly combines originality and aesthetics. Its a clear hole in the middle of the dial makes it easy to see the movement of the hands. The vintage- looking design is ensured by the engravings on the front and back of the watch, as well as exquisite patterns.

With the 4.6cm / 1.8 inch case, this watch has a perfect size for easy carrying after testing. By making the comparison with the others, it seduces as well by its robust chain and the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. This sublime pocket watch perfectly mixes black with white details. Easy to use, this watch is supplied with a cleaning cloth, convenient for its maintenance.



  • Sober and elegant design.
  • Very good quality materials.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Supplied with accessories and a box for easy storage of the object.
  • Remarkable finishes.
  • Simple and convenient time setting.
  • Compact and easy to carry a watch.



  • Analogue setting.


ManchDa HBH065EU

ManchDa HBH065EU is an antique design, mechanical pocket watch model that stands out among the best. It was made using very good quality metal, which gives it both strength and resistance. This watch displays animal motifs (dragon and Phoenix), as well as Roman numerals. All of these reminders of the ancient era are greatly appreciated by collectors. The shiny black case goes very well with the golden skeleton, for a guaranteed aesthetic effect.

Elegant and ultra-original, this very good quality watch goes very well with the vintage and classic look. Supplied with a strong and resistant box, this pocket watch keeps well. In addition, its cleaning cloth allows it to be well maintained according to our test. Sport an elegant and understated look with this metal watch with an antique design and exceptional finishes.



  • Unique and original style.
  • Compact and convenient for transport.
  • Correct finishes.
  • Harmonious and sober colors.
  • Good quality of the watch.



  • Manual winding.
  • Stops functioning when in contact with a magnet.

Mudder 4331783142

Pocket watch with a vintage design, Mudder 4331783142 is a quartz model made from stainless steel. Tests show that this material is renowned for its extreme resistance and strength.

It seduces with its clean finishes and pleasant patterns on the lid. To adopt an elegant, sober, chic style, while staying in the era of time, this watch would be perfectly suited.



  • Nice and original design.
  • Very good quality materials.
  • Comes with better accessories.
  • Remarkable finishes.
  • Simple and convenient time setting.
  • Compact and easy to carry a watch.



  • Manual winding.
  • Stops functioning when in contact with a magnet.


Hicarer Hicarer-Pocket Watch -01

Ultra elegant and sober pocket watch, Hicarer Hicarer-Pocket Watch -01 is a model that you will appreciate for its robustness and solidity. It was made from stainless steel, which is a material known for its good resistance.

This vintage gold-colored watch has a hole in the cover, for easy reading of the time. It has a removable chain that can be easily removed.



  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Simple design, for comfortable use.
  • Ultra elegant and chic design.



  • Manual winding.


BestFire PW-SY-144

Crafted from strong and sturdy stainless steel, BestFire PW-SY-144 is a model that exudes charm and elegance.

According to our test, this model adapts perfectly to each of your clothing styles in addition to bringing class and originality. Thanks to its integrated 37.5 cm chain this pocket watch looks great.



  • Easy time setting.
  • Sober and elegant design.
  • Supplied in a box for efficient storage.


  • Heaviness of the watch.

Pros and cons as described in customer (reviews)

In order to help you make the best choice, we have scoured consumer comments to identify their positive and negative opinions. Here are the advantages and disadvantages noted by customers.



  • The time is easily adjusted according to the opinion of consumers.
  • The sober and elegant design of some models appeals to customers.
  • Some models are supplied in a box for efficient storage.
  • Some watches are small in size, making it easy to transport.
  • Simple design for comfortable use.
  • The materials are of very good quality.
  • Some models are supplied with additional accessories.
  • The finishes are remarkable according to the opinion of the users.
  • Customers received their orders as described.
  • Good value for money.


  • Some models are heavy.
  • Manual winding is tiring after testing customers.
  • Some models stop working when in contact with a magnet according to the opinion of some consumers.
  • No mark to open certain models with cover in the right direction.
  • The materials are not strong enough in the opinion of some customers.
  • Some models no longer work after first use.
  • The needle stops occasionally on some models.
  • Some products already come damaged according to the test of some customers.
  • The batteries of some products do not last long.
  • The readability of some watches is poor.

The criteria for buying a pocket watch

When you go to a store to buy a pocket watch, there are tons of models and brands to choose from. Each of them comes with features you might need on a daily basis. But before you dwell on the technical characteristics of the accessory you are looking for, it seems necessary to have a fixed opinion on the real reasons which motivate your choice. There are several criteria you should take into account when making a comparison.


Choose a vintage watch or one in the era of time

Pocket watches are one of the most collectable items. For inveterate investors   and collectors of these accessories, a pocket watch is only of value if the hands have been running for at least 75 years. This is called a vintage watch, even if some schools support the fact that a watch can only be labeled vintage if the model is no longer produced to date. Either way, a used watch that still has all of its parts after testing is more valuable than a model in poor condition. Before buying a vintage watch, it is important to make sure that the parts that constitute it are in good condition.


The operating system

You may not know it, but the choice of a pocket watch is also based on the comparison of the operating system that the latter incorporates. It is therefore important to make sure that the watch you have chosen embeds the system you want. Mechanical or quartz watch , the choice is between these two models. You should know that quartz watches are much more practical for everyday use. The batteries original can last up to two years. In addition, this type of watch generally exists in several models. Mechanical watches are unique in their design and feature a classic design. But their use is much more technical than the previous ones.


The condition of the watch and the quality of the parts

When purchasing a valuable item such as a watch, the condition of the parts is one of the main points to consider in your test. Indeed, it is in the dial that lies most of the value of a watch. However, you must examine the watch in detail, in order to detect scratches, imperfections and other manufacturing defects. Imperfections such as impacts, no matter how small, missing screws or a broken hinge, are easily recoverable defects. But major shocks or missing parts are faults that can be quite expensive to repair.

You need to be very vigilant and spot any flaws in the pocket watch you want to buy. In addition, special attention will allow you to detect that the pinions are indeed metal and not plastic, for better longevity of the object. The bezel must also be in good condition, as well as the parts that make up the watch.


The brand

Making a watch is quite a work of art. Each watchmaker uses a particular technique, which sometimes dates back centuries. Considering the manufacturing technique and the materials used, high-end watches will always be worth more and therefore have more value. Brands such as Rolex, Omega , IWC , Vacherin Constantin and Patek Philippe have taken decades to build a solid reputation. Besides the unchanging beauty of their creations, these watchmakers are known for the quality, robustness, resistance and solidity of their accessories.


Pocket watches alternatives

Very fashionable in the past, the pocket watch is back in fashion. Used to tell the time, it completes all outfits by bringing a maximum of elegance. As an alternative to the pocket watch you can try a wristwatch, functional and ultra practical.

Best Hair Clippers of 2021

Best Hair Clippers of 2021

Best hair clippers of 2021 Men go, on average once or twice a month to have their haircut maintained in a hairdressing salon. Considering the expense involved, you may have considered taking care of it yourself. For this, a good hair clipper is an essential accessory. Take a look at our comparison based on analyzing reviews and tests of the best mowers across different consumer portals to find the model that's right for you.


Hair clipper list of the best products 2021


What is a hair clipper?

It is simply a tool that is used to perform or maintain short haircuts and beards. They are mostly used in men's hair salons, but they are also commercially available for individuals.

Although there are several types, the most popular are electric powered mowers. Although they can be used for the maintenance of certain beards, they differ from beard trimmers by having a more powerful motor and a less thin cutting head in comparison, allowing them to cut large volumes with ease.

If they are particularly effective for short cuts, it is because they are composed of a wide blade that allows the hair to be cut evenly in a single pass over the scalp. To control the size of the cut, they have different combs that you can place on their blade. It is also used to make reliefs and to perform gradients.


How does a hair clipper work?

Although the way mowers work differs from the model and type of model, it is based on the same principles: two superimposed comb-shaped blades, made of stainless steel or ceramic, which are powered by a motor. Electric or by mechanical force, and shoes of different lengths to control the length of the cut.


Advantages & areas of application

Thanks to their mode of operation, hair clippers are very effective for short haircuts and their maintenance, allowing these operations to be carried out with great precision with very few movements.


This is why they are part of the essential accessories in a hairdressing salon.


However, if professional hairdressers remain the ones who use them the most, individuals also buy hair clippers to avoid the monthly visits to the hairdressing salon and the expenses that this entails.


They are also used in military barracks to carry out regulatory cuts to personnel.


What types of hair clippers are there?

Although we all think of a single precise object when talking about a hair clipper, there are actually several types:


Magnetic motor mower

Magnetic motor mowers are distinguished from others by a particularly powerful motor, which can reach 7,200 blade strokes per minute.

Thanks to the use of magnetic energy, they can, moreover, reach this power without consuming a lot of electricity. These mowers also work well in cold conditions and are suitable for maintaining long cuts thanks to their power.

However, these are not the most accurate models. They are widely used in home and semi-professional use, and are suitable for occasional use.


Swivel motor mower

Unlike models with a magnetic motor, mowers with a swivel motor, or pivot motor, do not aim for a very high speed of blade movement. However, they achieve a high cutting power thanks to the mechanism of the blades and the fineness of the latter.

They therefore allow more precise cuts than models with a magnetic motor, although they cannot handle high volumes of hair as easily. They are used by individuals and professionals.


Rotary motor mower

According to the reviews, these models are significantly more expensive, and are the best option for professionals, in their own opinion.

Rotary motors provide a balance between speed, power, durability and stability when cutting, opening up many possibilities for the cuts you can make using them.


Rotary motors are therefore used for the most high-end models of mowers, to offer the best possible quality.


Mechanical hair clipper

Models now rare, they work with the help of manual energy and do not contain an engine. In a sense, these tools are a hybrid between scissors and mowers.

Although they are therefore significantly slower than electric models, walk-behind mowers do not vibrate and make less noise, allowing for more precise cuts in too many difficulties.


Examples of product evaluations

Philips QC5115 / 15 Hair Clipper 3000 Series

The Philips QC5115 / 15 3000 Series has established itself as a benchmark for inexpensive household hair clippers. It is powerful and precise with its 11 length settings, is equipped with self-sharpening blades that stay sharp without maintenance, and is quiet and manoeuvrable.

Consumer reviews praise its lightness and ease of use, eliminating the need for several clogs, as well as the quality of its blade which avoids having to make several passes.

No wonder it occupies the first places of the comparisons! However, the Philips QC5115 / 15 3000 Series still has certain drawbacks such as inferior accessories and vibrations that are too intense for some, as well as operation on mains only. However, according to the general opinion of the testers, it offers good value for money.


Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 Trimmer

The Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 is sold as a trimmer for the maintenance of all your hair, from the hair to the ears and nose to the beard and the rest of the body.

It is based for this on a self-sensing motor, 13 length settings, wear-resistant blades and accessories for each part of the body.

If Internet users welcome in their opinions a pleasant cut, a fast charge, a good grip and good accessories, they denote a lack of spare blades for purchase, the absence of fine adjustment, and the impossibility of operate it while charging. The Braun MGK5280 9-in-1 is still an interesting multi-function trimmer, especially for beginners.


BaByliss for Men - E837E - 10 in 1 Multi-Purpose Trimmer

The BaByliss For Men E837E trimmer is also a multi-function trimmer for the maintenance of all your hair. Its main asset is the Wtech technology of its blades: a W-shaped geometry and sharpening using electrochemistry make them precision blades for a smooth cut.


It also contains various accessories and shaving heads as well as 6 precision positions to achieve all types of cuts. On the test and comparison sites, the BaByliss For Men E837E is described in the opinions of Internet users and in the reviews as being silent, pleasant to use, and enjoying good value for money for the various features it offers


However, it has been noted that several passes must be made to obtain a satisfactory cut and that the mower sometimes pulls on the hairs.

Frequent deficiencies and shortcomings - what should you watch out for when buying a hair clipper?

When looking for a mower to buy, there are some important criteria that you should evaluate in order not to be disappointed with the product. First of all, you must ensure that the engine is powerful enough.

Indeed, it is low power motors that cause the most frequent inconvenience when cutting, namely a trimmer which pulls the hairs instead of cutting them, or which does not manage to overcome thick or very thick hair. .

To avoid uneven cuts, you will also need to learn about the quality of the blades, and the vibrations of the mower caused by the engine.

Some mowers are also inaccurate in the sense that they do not offer enough variation in cut lengths. To avoid this, choose a model with interchangeable combs, different cutting length settings, or even a fine adjustment dial.

In addition, you will also need to inquire about the design of the model and the quality of its handling, because an unwieldy mower will prevent you from making precise cuts. Also remember to find out about the quality of the accessories supplied with your mower, and the autonomy of its battery if it contains one.

How to Choose a Smartwatch or a Training Watch

How to Choose a Smartwatch or a Training Watch

The best smartwatches (“smartwatches”) and training watches (“fitness watches”) offer good smartphone functionality, but also allow reliable monitoring of your physical activities. Find out what features to take into account to find the best model for your goals.


Smartwatches vs training watches vs activity monitors

In 2020, we grouped together smartwatches (“smartwatch”) and training watches (“fitness watch” or “sports watch”) in the same test. Thus, you will no longer find a specific category for training watches. The devices on which you can download applications are found in the "smartwatch" category and the others in the "activity tracker" category ("fitness trackers").

Smartwatches (“smartwatches”) are above all designed to be an extension of your smartphone, that is to say they allow you to have access to it directly on your wrist. Their primary function is therefore to synchronize with your phone and offer you advanced features in this regard, such as text message notifications and social networks, the ability to call someone and receive calls, control of music, the presence of voice assistants, etc. Several smartwatches also offer advanced physical activity and fitness tracking functions, often just as powerful as those offered on training watches. On the other hand, this versatility comes at a price: smartwatches are generally sold quite expensive,

Conversely, the main function of fitness trackers is to track and measure your physical activities as well as certain elements of your overall health (sleep monitoring, for example). They have several built-in sensors that measure heart rate, number of steps, distance covered, etc. Some models also allow you to answer a call and send a text message, but none allow you to make a call.


Running watches

Choose a smartwatch with built-in GPS in order to obtain reliable measurements of the distance traveled, your cadence and you're positioning. So you won't need to carry your phone with you during the race. In addition, the display of data on the screen is essential so that you can follow your workout live. Finally, choose a watch with a heart rate monitor that offers reliable measurements.


Bicycle watches

First, choose a smartwatch that allows bike tracking. The device must offer tracking of distance and speed while cycling. Plus, choose a model with a heart rate monitor that offers reliable measurements. Prot├ęgez-Vous has not tested battery life with GPS on, but make sure it has enough battery life if you plan on going for long rides with GPS on. Information on battery life depending on the mode (without GPS, GPS with music, GPS without music, etc.) should be found on the manufacturer's product sheet. Consider: If you are mountain biking, you might find an altimeter useful to keep track of your climbs and descents.


Watches for swimming

Unsurprisingly, the chosen watch must be water resistant, and the manufacturer must mention that the device allows swimming tracking. Opt for a watch that measures distance traveled, time, speed and number of strokes while swimming. To follow your training directly in the pool, choose a watch that displays the data on the screen. To consider: the measurement of the SWOLF score, that is to say the effectiveness in swimming. If you're interested, check with the manufacturer to make sure this metric is available. For now, Prot├ęgez-Vous does not test smartwatches when swimming.


Smartphone features

There are many smartphone features that smartwatches offer. All models can receive text message and call notifications and allow reading text messages. Also, the majority of them allow you to respond to a text message. In terms of calls, 31 out of 38 devices tested were able to receive calls and a little over a quarter were able to make calls. As for remote music control, the vast majority of models tested can perform this command. Are you a fan of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter? Several watches allow you to receive alerts or respond to messages. Finally, voice recognition is offered on just under half of the models tested. With a voice assistant, you can ask your watch to call someone, send a text message, add a reminder, etc. Be aware, however, that just because an option is offered does not mean that it works well. To make sure, check our product sheets. For example, if you are a music lover, you will no doubt want the remote music control to work the best it can.


The main characteristics to consider

Compatibility and connectivity

With the exception of Apple branded models - which are only compatible with the iOS system - all other watches come with both operating systems, Android and iOS. Make sure, however, that your phone has a sufficiently recent version of the system, otherwise synchronization will not be possible. Please note, some devices have more limited functionality for iOS phone users, despite compatibility

All the watches we tested are equipped with a Bluetooth connection, and several of them have a Wi-Fi connection. In order to conserve battery power, your device will use the connection that requires the least power, namely the Bluetooth when your phone is nearby or Wi-Fi if Bluetooth is not available or your cell phone is turned off. In addition, the use of the Wi-Fi connection is preferable for the transfer of heavy data (for example a card or several pieces of music).


Battery life

Smartwatches can run an average of five days (with GPS turned off) before needing a recharge. Note that the autonomy can be a day only for some models and that the battery life will vary a lot depending on your use (watch mode, smart mode, GPS mode, etc.). You should find this information on the manufacturer's product sheet.


Physical activity monitoring

Number of steps, distance covered and activity time

The majority of the watches we have evaluated allow relatively reliable monitoring of these parameters. If your device has a built-in GPS, the distance traveled will be measured based on it. If the device does not have GPS, or if it is not activated, the watch will calculate the distance using the step counter.


Built-in GPS and running pace

Do you jog? If you want to follow your running pace (in minutes per kilometer), your distance and your position accurately without having your phone with you during your activity, the integrated GPS is essential. This data is particularly useful for following the evolution of your performance. One notable drawback, however, is that using GPS significantly reduces battery life.

The majority of smartwatches tested have built-in GPS. Some other devices have the “connected GPS” function, meaning that the watch uses nearby cell phone sensors to pick up GPS data. The main disadvantage of this feature is that you will need to have your phone with you.


Heart rate

All smartwatches allow this very useful data to be measured. The performances obtained are however very varied, going from "very bad" to "very good". Be sure to check this assessment if you’re training is based on your heart rate.


Sleep and goal tracking

Sleep tracking

Devices equipped with the "sleep monitoring" function analyze the quality of your sleep: its duration, body movements, breathing, heartbeat, etc. This data can be useful if you want to build an effective fitness program that will keep you moving, eating right, and sleeping well.


Goal tracking and motivational functions

Is your goal to run 10 kilometers or take 10,000 steps in a day? Almost all of the watches we have tested track your progress towards your goal. The vast majority of them also have a motivation function (sometimes called coaching), which reminds you to include workouts in your routine by sending notifications to your watch or smartphone. For example: “You have been quite inactive in the last few days. A little race today? ”



Several watches have a flexible and adjustable strap, a little more comfortable and less bulky than a rigid strap. In store, take the time to try on the styles that interest you to make sure they are comfortable to wear. Also pay attention to the weight and size of the product: some models are much more bulky than others.

Several watch models can be personalized (you choose the material and the color of the strap), but this may incur additional costs.


Other features to consider

Altimeter. If you are into outdoor activities and want to know the altitude of your location, the built-in altimeter is a necessity for you. A barometric altimeter collects altitude based on changes in pressure, while those without a barometer rely solely on GPS data.

Water resistance. Protect yourself classifies water resistance in two ways: on the one hand, models that are resistant to splashes and submersion, and on the other hand, devices that are only splash resistant. Keep in mind that many manufacturers recommend against wearing devices that are splash-proof only in the shower.

Food tracking. Several models that we have tested offer you the possibility to follow your diet. All you need to do is enter the foods you eat into your smartphone's mobile app database. This will give you access to a complete profile of your daily calorie consumption and energy expenditure. However, you have to be very diligent in this regard for this function to be accurate and useful. While this feature is available, keep in mind that many nutrition and exercise professionals advise setting physical goals - taking a certain number of steps per day, for example - rather than counting the calories you eat.

The Best Mirrorless Digital Cameras

The Best Mirrorless Digital Cameras

As of late, mixtures are clearly the cameras that have gained the most headway: they presently have numerous benefits, for example, their size more reduced than that of a SLR, image quality in clear progression as well as a fleet optic that develops. In this guide, we have selected for you the best hybrids of the moment as well as the lenses that go with them.


Sony Alpha 6000, affordable and responsive

Sony Alpha 6000, affordable and responsive

Sony is a major player in the hybrid market, with a lineup that has been winning top spots for a long time. Formerly stamped Nex, Sony hybrids are now called Alpha, like the rest of the brand's photo range.

Unveiled in 2014 - Sony A6000 remains a very good entry-level hybrid. Offered at € 537 as a kit, it offers excellent value for money. Its 24 Mpx APS-C sensor delivers excellent quality images.

We appreciate its WiFi chip, which allows you to control the device remotely or transfer images to your smartphone.

Finally, (16-50mm lens) of kit is rather mediocre. The most demanding will change it quite quickly. Despite everything, the Sony A6000 is a pleasant and sympathetic hybrid, which will know how to accompany you faithfully on your travels and your family photo outings.


Panasonic Lumix GX880, the selfie ace

Panasonic Lumix GX880, the selfie ace

The Lumix GX880 is a tiny hybrid device with excellent value for money. Available from € 449 as a kit, it has a large 3-inch touchscreen that can be tilted 180 ° upwards - which should delight lovers of selfies. Based on Photo-4K technology which consists of recording up to 15 images / second to this end, it incorporates a 4K selfie mode. A night selfie mode also makes it possible to take properly exposed images via a combination of three views, two of which are for background lighting and one for the subject.

Focusing on ease of use, the Lumix GX880 has automatic modes and beauty functions that allow you to retouch the skin from the camera. In addition, creative modes and photo filters are applicable to personalize images.

This nice little hybrid is equipped with a 16 Mpx Live MOS 4/3 sensor as well as a processor offering good image quality and responsive autofocus. Note the possibility of filming in 4K / UHD up to 30p , a 4K Photo function (which increases the burst to 30 fps by generating images with a definition of 8 Mpx), a  Post Focus mode  which allows '' carry out the focusing a posteriori, as well as the  Focus Stacking which merges several images with different focusing.

Extremely compact, this Lumix GX880 offers excellent value for money: it is possible to acquire it with a 12-32 mm lens for 449 €.


Fujifilm X-T200, compact and stylish

Fujifilm X-T200, compact and stylish

The Fujifilm X-T200 is a hybrid that is compact, efficient and attractive at the same time. It is equipped with a very good quality 24.24 Mpx APS-C sensor - which is rare in this price range.

It adorns itself with many arguments to seduce photographers. Thus, it is equipped with a reactive autofocus, based on 425 AF points, as well as a mechanism for detecting and tracking the subject's face and eye. We also really like its large 3.5-inch touchscreen mounted on a ball joint - which is accompanied by a 2.36 MP electronic viewfinder.

There are also elements specific to Fujifilm cameras: a retro and stylish design - reminiscent of the film cameras of yesteryear. But also the Fuji film simulations, which make it possible to obtain JPEG files very pleasing to the eye right out of the box.

Beyond that, the X-T200 is equipped with the latest technologies from the Japanese manufacturer. Thus, the sensitivity ranges from 200 to 12,800 ISO (expandable from 100 to 51,200 ISO). In bursts, it can go up to 8 fps (with subject tracking). Finally, it can capture videos in 4K at 30 fps, and has an electronic stabilization system to limit shaking.

The XC 15-45mm kit lens lacks a bit of sharpness and precision for our taste. However, the X-T200 is a great travel companion and offers great value for money. It is available as a kit at a price of 766 €. A vloggers kit is also available at 899 €: it also includes a GorillaPod tripod, a Rode microphone and a 16 GB SD card.


Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, the ace in micro 4/3

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, the ace in micro 4/3

With the OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, Olympus delivers a very attractive product: a hybrid body with a vintage look pleasing to the eye with a 20 Mpx 4/3 CMOS sensor balanced out on 5 axes coupled to a Truepic VIII processor. The result is very good image quality, but also a good increase in ISO sensitivity. We also appreciate the burst of 8.7 images per second, but especially in 15 fps with an electronic shutter. Note that the sensor is stabilized on 5 axes, offering a gain of 4.5 stops.

It incorporates 121 points on the autofocus side. It also uses advanced algorithms for the detection and tracking of moving subjects. Likewise, portrait painters should appreciate the detection and tracking of the subject's eye.



10 Best Black Technology Products

10 Best Black Technology Products

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a well-known international trade fair for electronic products and technology, attracting major companies and industry professionals from all over the world to participate every year. Engadget is a professional platform for commenting on technology products for more than ten years. This time, the editors of Engadget selected 10 CES technology products after hours of discussion and debate, and gave them different "best" awards. The following is a list of award-winning products in each category:

Best Accessible Technology-Phonak Virto Black

10 Best Black Technology Products

At this year's CES, auditory technology was one of the concerns, and Phonak's Virto Black provided particularly eye-catching auditory technology products. It is a high-quality hearing aid full of modern design. It strikes a good balance between aesthetics and comfort, leaving a deep impression on the editors of Engadget. It not only provides hearing enhancement functions, but also features Bluetooth streaming and calling the intelligent assistant "Roger". Virto Black will improve your quality of life beyond imagination. This is what all good technologies should do, especially when accessibility is involved.

Best New Product-Hydraloop

Best New Product-Hydraloop

The fascinating part of Hydraloop is not only the decoration of a modern home, but also the highly complex water purification system. Once installed in your house, it will absorb the effluent wastewater and disinfect the water using six widely accepted treatment methods, which can then be reused in toilets, washing machines, swimming pools and even gardens. The best advantage is that the founder of Hydraloop claims that a family of four can save thousands of gallons of water each year, which is equally good for your wallet and the planet.

Best digital health and fitness products

Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

Withings' ScanWatch is a tool to track your overall health. The heart rate sensor will check your condition, and if it finds abnormal heart activity, it will ask you to use an electrocardiogram to check your life. It can also track your sleep status through the built-in SpO2 sensor and look for signs of sleep apnea. In addition, the product can be used for up to 30 days with a single charge, and it is worthy of being named the best digital health and fitness product of CES.

Best Wearable Device-Olive Union Smart Ear

Best Wearable Device-Olive Union Smart Ear

Olive Union Smart Ear is a hearing aid disguised as a wireless earplug, helping to reduce the inconvenience that may be caused by wearing a typical in-ear device. It is more affordable than hearing aids, but still offers advanced features such as music streaming, different listening modes and hands-free calling. However, unlike ordinary earplugs, it is sold individually. Therefore, if you have only one hearing need to improve, you only need to buy a hearing aid.

Best Traffic Technology-Wallbox Quasar

Wallbox Quasar unlocks an exciting new technology for electric vehicles: the ability to use battery packs to power your house or send electricity back to the grid. This huge electronic tablet installed in the garage may change the way we supply electricity to the house. Quasar is aware of this possibility. It creates an ecosystem of houses combined with vehicles. If we want a more energy-efficient planet, we need to reuse all resources, such as our cars.

Best Home Theater Product-Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ (Dolby Vision IQ) In addition to fine-tuning the image to match your room conditions, Vision IQ can also ensure that different types of content (such as action sports, documentaries or feature films) provide the best match for your content Set on the screen. This technology will make everyone's home theater experience better.

Best connected home product

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Weber’s Smart Grilling Hub brings the concept of a connected home into your backyard. Instead of asking you to buy a brand-new cookware to upgrade your barbecue, it is better to make your existing gas or charcoal grill smarter. It has four temperature sensors that can feed data back to the application on the phone. From there, you can check the grill and the ambient temperature of several meats at once. The app will even guide you through every step of the process, including preparation, flipping, and estimated completion time. Even for novice chefs, the technique of grilling becomes easier to master.

Best phone or mobile device

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 was an amazing smartphone when it launched in 2019, and now the company is making more affordable versions. The new Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a large and beautiful screen, a fast Exynos processor, and some smart software. Although Note 10 Lite can't do almost everything like an expensive "cousin", this product enables flagship-level performance and functions to be available to more people at a more affordable price.

Best Sustainable Product-Hydraloop

That's right! It's Hydraloop again.

This product can almost be regarded as a household water recycler. The company said that either the bathtub waste water or the toilet flushing water can be reused. This can recover about 85% of household water, thereby reducing water consumption by 45%. Although the price of the device is not cheap (US$4,000), it definitely has the potential and advantages of becoming a "set and forget" device. Continuous practice to integrate water recycling into people's daily life is the goal of Hydraloop.

Best TV Product-LG CX Series OLED TV

LG's OLED device has been one of our favorite TVs for many years, and 2020 will be no exception. LG has added many new features, such as support for NVIDIA G-Sync to make your game play more smoothly, and Filmmaker Mode, which cancels other redundant video adjustment functions such as motion smoothing. It still retains all the original advantages of OLED, such as amazing high contrast and rich colors. LG has also improved image processing to sharpen objects and improve details in the video. 

How to Choose a WordPress Theme? Practical Guide

How to Choose a Wordpress Theme Practical Guide

The 6 points to check before buying your WordPress theme:

One of the great advantages of Wordpress is the multiplicity of themes available on the web. For a few tens of dollars, or even for free, you have a superb theme for your site or blog.


WordPress theme

Envato Market: Find WordPress Themes


The WordPress themes market has really exploded in recent years.

With the development of Wordpress, the theme market really exploded. Where, 6 or 7 years ago, there were a lot of free themes, we now find merchant sites that offer hundreds of themes at very democratic prices.

We are now spoiled for choice, for a price generally around US $ 50. But what will you receive for this price? It varies greatly! There are a few things to pay attention to before clicking “buy”.

1. Is the theme suitable for mobile?

Today, if your site is not suitable for tablets and mobile phones, you might as well sign its death warrant. In your research, automatically select the “responsive” criterion, and go see on your tablet or smartphone what the demo site looks like.

Even if it seems absurd today to offer themes that would not be suitable, there are still some on the market, so it is better to check.

2. Did you read the demo site correctly?

Have you checked how many different types of pages are available to you, and if they will meet your needs? If you have a crush on a theme but it requires some adaptation, you will need to plan for an additional development cost. Which leads me to the next point.


3. What files are provided to you if you purchase the theme?

And more specifically, will you receive the PSD files, which will be needed if you want to make any adaptations in the design?

Also see what the designer has to offer. Will you receive demo content that can serve as a basis for understanding how the site works? Do we send you documentation in pdf?


Don't buy a cat in a bag, make sure everything you need is included in the package.


4. Who will help you?

Always check if there is a support system planned for the topic, whether it is on a forum or by mail. If it's a forum, take a look: are users' questions answered? What timeframe?

If your theme page has dozens of weeks old questions that no one has answered, run away. Or be aware that you will have to fend for yourself.

Also see if the theme designer speaks English correctly. It might sound silly, but I personally had the greatest difficulty getting precise explanations from a Vietnamese developer, simply because their English was very poor. He did not understand my questions very well and I did not always understand his answers. It quickly makes you lose several hours on a project.

Related Article: How to Get Started with WordPress?

It can also be interesting to see if the theme designer is available to make customizations, in case you need them. If he doesn't, it's not insurmountable, but if he does, no one will do it as quickly and cleanly as him.


5. WordPress versions and plugins

Is the theme ready for the current Wordpress version? This is particularly noticeable right after a major version change.

Also, think carefully about which plugins you will really need. If the strength of Wordpress is also based on these plugins, there are incompatibilities that are difficult to predict. In the case, for example, where you want to use WPML to develop a site in multiple languages, it is prudent to check with the designer if they have tested their site with this plugin and if everything is working.


Again, a look at the support forums can teach you a lot.


6. Read user reviews, see real sites designed with the theme

Ask the designer to provide you with references if necessary. Nothing like seeing how the product behaves in a real situation to judge its quality.

Large merchant sites, such as themeforest , are gold mines - but they are not a guarantee of quality for every theme offered with them. So always see precisely who you are going to give your money to.


In conclusion

Don't make an impulsive choice based solely on the aesthetics of a demo site. By taking a few extra precautions with these few checks, you may be able to save yourself some serious trouble down the road.

Install WordPress: The 3 Installation Methods Guide


Install WordPress

Installing WordPress can seem tedious for many users who want to create a website. Let's see in 2019 the 3 step-by-step solutions to Install WordPress: automatically, manually or locally on your PC or Mac.

You want to create a website, we will see how to InstallWordPress easily and in different ways. As a reminder WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) in the same way as Prestashop for the creation of online store.


A CMS or content manager in French, like WordPress, allows you to create several types of platforms or distribution channels on the internet, namely:


  • A blog
  • An Internet site
  • An online store or e-commerce site (via the Woocommerce plugin)
  • A portfolio

Install WordPress: Here are the 4 types of websites most commonly created with WordPress, knowing that originally it was mainly about starting a blog, like a logbook.

It is mainly used to distribute content to an audience and various communities linked to its social networks, when it comes to sharing and promoting its articles in particular. The blog is therefore widely used in community management and particularly by the community manager or the content manager who promotes content within his structure.

Once your CMS has been installed, you will have the right settings to make and improve the natural referencing of your WordPress site.


We also broached the following subject on the JCM: Should the community manager keep a blog?


You may have already acquired one or more domain names as well as web hosting for your future website.


Installing WordPress and creating a site: a first step!

Installing a WordPress site is a first step before entering into its creation. You will then have to choose a template and install it, start the settings part, the optimization and refine the design. Then come the plugins to install to provide new features and optimize the use of your website.


When everything is ready! it will be a question of feeding it with content. Content that will be defined according to an editorial line established upstream, with a more or less regular writing frequency. At the same time, it will also be necessary to know how to improve the natural referencing of a WordPress site to position itself well on Google.

Social networks will ultimately be essential levers to help you gain visibility and traffic. It will undoubtedly be necessary to create a digital strategy for your website in order to achieve its objectives.

If you decide to make a living from your blog, know beforehand what the work of a professional blogger represents, which is not an easy role.


Install WordPress in different ways!

You can install WordPress in different ways before creating your website , the simplest being the method offered today by a set of hosts such as OVH, 1 & 1, LWS, Gandi and many others.

I personally use the LWS host with a dedicated server for this site, and I will share their video with you to see how WordPress is installed from their interface. The majority of you will probably be using a shared server if you're new to WordPress.

Shared server: To put it simply, this is a server that you will share with other users. The main drawback of shared hosting is that the server's bandwidth is divided between its users, depending on the traffic that each generates. The advantage, on the other hand, is its relatively low price which is paid annually.


The 3 major installations for the WordPress CMS

As you will undoubtedly see as you browse on Google, there are currently 3 main installations for WordPress. The simplest being the one offered by your host if it is one of the available options, where you will only have to select WordPress from the list of CMS to install automatically after creating your MySQL database.

The majority of hosts offer the automatic installation of WordPress or even a server where the CMS is already pre-installed.

The second solution concerns the installation of WordPress manually, ie from the installation file that will be installed on its server, via an FTP client software like FileZilla .

The last possible installation is one of the most useful before investing a few tens or hundreds of euros for accommodation, it is the local installation. That is to say that the installation of WordPress will be done on your PC or your Mac, by emulating the servers necessary for its operation.

If your WordPress project is taking up your time, there's no point paying for hosting right away for nothing, and what's more if you want to see what your site will look like before it goes live. We will use a free software called Local by Flywheel.

The software and tools needed to install WordPress

Before starting I suggest you download the software and tools necessary for our WordPress installation. If you do not need these tools and prefer to opt for an automatic installation, go directly to the next chapter.


1. FileZilla (FTP software)

Install WordPress: FileZilla FTPFilezilla is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software that allows you to load (upload) files on its server, in particular where the WordPress site will be hosted. Make sure to select the PC or Mac version of the software.


2. Local by Flywheel (virtual server installation)

Local by Flywheel is a solution comprising a set of virtualized servers (Apache, MySQL ...) which will be installed on your PC or your Mac. The solution simulates a local server on your computer in order to serve you to run WordPress on your computer.

To install your site locally in WordPress, you will follow the step-by-step video guide below because you must not forget anything so that everything works perfectly.

3. The WordPress installation file

Finally if you want to install WordPress manually on your server, you will need the installation file available on in French. The current version as of January 2018 is version 4.9.2



Install WordPress: Installation file to download


1. Install WordPress automatically via its host

Let's start with the simplest of WordPress installations, and for which you will only have to press a button by selecting the root of your site, or by indicating dedicated directory.

Before going any further, it will be important to discuss with your host the solutions he offers you. If you want the installation of WordPress in one click, first check the various services advanced by the selected host. Finally, remember to look at the resources of your host to follow exactly the step by step of the installation.

I will give you an example below with LWS, a French host, but each will have its own interface with different accesses.

In some cases you will have to follow these 2 steps (check whether the creation of the database is necessary or if it is also automated.


  1. First create your MySQL database from your interface (if this is necessary according to your host)
  2. Go to the section of automatic installation of CMS in your interface (depending on your host)

Example and explanations via LWS, a 100% French host:


Install WordPress with LWS Auto-Install

The automatic installation of WordPress is explained here via the host LWS. It will of course be different depending on your host, knowing that the majority of them offer this type of installation.

2. Install WordPress on its server via FTP

Installing WordPress manually is the most complex, but it allows for a more advanced level of optimization and tweaking for professional WordPress users. Some hosts can restrict certain settings via automatic WordPress installations.

First recover the WordPress Zip file (latest version on the site) seen above. Also install the Filezilla FTP software if you downloaded it.

From your web host's interface, you will need to create a database for your WordPress site. Also retrieve the information (id, password ...) we will need.


Steps to install WordPress via FTP

Follow these different steps one by one. If you get an error when installing WordPress, check that the instructions are correct. If the error persists, ask your host for advice.


  1. First retrieve the identifiers of your FTP access, sent by your host to your email address. This is the host name (usually the domain name preceded by FTP.), Username and password
  2. Unzip the WordPress file and keep in mind that this is what is inside that interests us.
  3. Start your FTP client software (Filezilla) and fill in the elements requested in the upper part for quick access: Host, Username, and Password. The Port remains empty by default unless your host gives you a specific port number.


You can also click File at the top left and select Site Manager. You will add a new site by filling in the requested elements identically. The advantage is that everything will be kept in memory after closing Filezilla.


Install WordPress: Filezilla

4.  Once you access your server via FTP, you will have access to the root of your website on the right window, unless a folder like www is pre-installed depending on the server and host chosen. In which case double click on www to access the root.


Note: If you want to create your site in another folder, right click in your root FTP window and choose create folder.


In this folder you will copy / paste or drag / drop content from the WordPress folder that you unzipped previously (not the WordPress folder but the content that is inside only)

If you have a first wordpress-4.9.2-fr_FR folder, double click on it to then access the WordPress folder . Double click on it again to access the content as shown below:


Install WordPress: Folder u WordPress file

This is the content circled in red that we will copy to the FTP. Select it and do a copy / paste or a drag / drop to the root of your site in the FTP.


5.  Once you have copied / pasted or dragged / dropped everything in the desired folder: site root, pre-installed www folder or the one created, you will go to your internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla ...) and inquire the URL of your site.


6. If all goes well you will arrive on this first window. Then click on let’s go!


Install WordPress: Getting Started


7. The next window invites you to complete the following elements:


  • Name of the data base
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database address
  • Table prefixes

Retrieve the information from the database that you create from the interface of your host. Then click on Validate


Install WordPress: Fill in the information

If all goes well you arrive on the installation launch window. Click Start Installation.


Install WordPress: Launch the installation

8. When you arrive at this last window it means that everything went well! Then fill in the requested elements by indicating:


  • The name of your website / blog
  • Your username except admin / last name first name for example
  • Your password by combining lowercase, uppercase and special characters.
  • Your email
  • Check "Ask search engines to index this site"

WordPress installation


9.  Admin URL (as shown below), to access the WordPress interface.

  • URL: wp-admin

Your site is now online but it remains to configure it, to install a template and the various plugins which will be used to provide new functionalities. These elements will be dragged or installed in the WP Content folder.


I recommend Alex, whose contact details you will find in the next chapter.


Note: Install WordPress with MAMPYou can also find and use another well-known solution for installing WordPress locally, but Alex touched you two words in the video. This is the solution called MAMP (also available on Windows and Mac)

Consider acquiring a new theme for your online site. Those offered by default via the WordPress interface are not complete and will be limited in terms of creativity. Install the essential plugins and get ready for the new blogging adventure. If you are ready to write content, consider installing the Yoast plugin, which will be of great help to your SEO.

Maybe in the meantime you need to know how to create a designer website that meets Google standards, such as adding HTTPS for example.

We have come to the end of this little guide on how to install WordPress and I hope you have successfully completed your first installation. If certain steps seem difficult to you or different from those stated, do not hesitate to contact your host to obtain the useful information.

Each host also posts a help including resources, with guides on a set of features around WordPress.

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